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With a rugged aesthetic, Steber LED Chain Hung Lighting embraces timeless inspirations and cutting-edge technology. Outfitted with LEDs and coated with porcelain, these dependable pendants are long lasting additions to homes and businesses. Create a custom chain hung light with vivid colors and other options! Read More »
Rugged flourishes, state-of-the-art technology, and classic styles combine to create this versatile pendant light. The deep bowl shade is the ideal vessel...

Whether found in beach houses or urban businesses, the Union is the highlight of residential and commercial décors. This simple yet eye-catching design...

With industrial flourishes and high-performance technology, the Touchdown is a groundbreaking source of general illumination. Integrated LED components...

Thanks to its industrial leaning aesthetic, The Original™ is an incredibly versatile LED pendant light. Hanging from a durable chain mounting, this ceiling...

The Syracuse’s classic design features vintage influences but receives a modern update thanks to cutting-edge LED technology. Successfully balancing...

While the Sterling’s flared shade embraces a clean, streamlined appearance, a nautical guard and rugged chain mounting give the design an extra hint of...

Playful features, industrial flourishes, and high-performance LED components intermingle in this inventive pendant. The Seaside’s fluted shape assumes a...

Powerful, efficient, and innovative: The Scrimmage was designed to brighten large commercial settings. Industrial styles, high-quality materials, and...

A modern update to vintage-inspired designs, the Rochester integrates LED components into classic warehouse lighting. This technology is known for its...

Popular in contemporary and traditional settings, the Marathon assumes an eye-catching industrial profile. A classic RLM shade and metal nautical guard are...

With its eye-catching dome shade and casual industrial influences, the Loma coordinates with the various styles popular in modern homes and businesses....

Durable, powerful, and remarkably efficient: The Kickoff fills large, open commercial settings with bright illumination while lowering operating costs...

Demonstrating a functional character, the Gridiron  embraces stylish industrial flourishes and cutting-edge technology to establish a durable,...

With its industrial aesthetic and powerful technology, the Goalie was meticulously engineered with large commercial spaces in mind. To help these...

By embracing the latest technology and traditional influences, this design emphasizes reliability, efficiency, and classic styles. The Dominion’s shallow...

With a look recalling early century industrial lights, the Dominion updates timeless styles with the latest technology. Cutting-edge LED components are...

How is Barn Light Electric’s Chain Hung Lighting unique?

Influenced by early 20th century industrial lighting fixtures, Steber LED Chain Hung Pendants combine classic vintage lighting styles with the very latest in integrated LED technology. A variety of finish colors plus cord and chain options allow you to create a unique look for both traditional and contemporary décors. Handcrafted and finished with porcelain enamel glass for a high-gloss, incredibly durable finish, these chain hung ceiling lights are well suited for both residential and commercial spaces.

What styles does Chain Hung Lighting complement? Where are they typically installed?

Chain hung pendants recall historic swag lighting and can take on a variety of looks thanks to the multiple customization options available. These ceiling lights are suitable for a wide variety of spaces including:

  • Dining rooms
  • Kitchens
  • Workshops
  • Restaurants
  • Cafes
  • Boutique retail stores
  • Office spaces

With a combination chain-and-cord mounting, these pendants exude plenty of industrial and farmhouse charm. This coordinates with both traditional and contemporary mindsets. Whether installed as a primary light source or as a decorative accent in a space, Steber Chain Hung Pendants provides both functionality and a heightened aesthetic in any room.

How are Chain Lights constructed?

With our exclusive porcelain enameling process, Steber Chain Hung LED lights receive a bonus layer of protection not found with other finishes. Each shade is hand spun from commercial grade steel on a lathe and finished with multiple layers of porcelain enamel glass. Favored for its durability and high-gloss shine, porcelain enamel provides the longevity and unique appearance sought by both homes and businesses. Rugged and able to endure high-traffic settings, these pendants can be customized with shade size and a variety of finish colors.

What are some LED options for Chain Hung Lights?

By uniting stylish shades with integrated LED components, chain hung lights become long term features of homes and businesses. These energy efficient, environmentally friendly pendants will save time and money on both energy and maintenance costs for years to come. Multiple LED options are available, and each adds to the overall look and feel of the illumination offered:

  • Lumens: measures the overall brightness of the illumination; the more lumens, the brighter the light
  • Color Temperature: indicates the light’s warmth or coolness
  • Lens: domed or flat lens