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With their ingrained durability and energy efficiency, Porcelain LED Post Mount Lights are the ideal outdoor fixtures for homes and businesses. Based on timeless styles, post mount lighting contributes style to exterior spaces, along with plenty of light! Customize with durable, high-gloss porcelain finishes! Read More »
A sleek, flared shade and industrial metal guard bring a touch of modern styling to rugged exterior lighting. These timeless decorative qualities lend the...

Combining an RLM warehouse shade with the latest technology and a classic post mounting establishes the ideal light for outdoor applications. A metal guard...

Vintage influences with contemporary appeal, the Wilcox contributes a decorative flair and plenty of illumination to outdoor spaces. A deep bowl shade and...

The Sterling’s flat, sleek lines present a striking contemporary profile while still resembling classic lighting. Adding a metal guard and simple post...

Delivering a fun, playful aesthetic to outdoor areas, the Seaside balances out its decorative appeal with meticulous craftsmanship and the latest...

The Avalon couples a vintage-inspired  a ppearance  with the very latest LED technology to become the perfect exterior lighting fixture. A rugged...

Through its subtle curves and rugged metal guard, the Bomber references classic RLM  fixtur es. This shade is fitted to a study post mounting, which...

The Union supplies the extra touches of character needed to take a building’s exterior décor to the next level. A classic RLM shade, rugged guard, and post...

Exterior spaces require light fixtures that are both energy efficient and decorative. Meeting both needs, the Aero incorporates timeless styles and...

The Wilcox embraces an eye-catching, timeless shape to elevate outdoor spaces. In this design, a deep bowl shade hangs from a sturdy mounting, which allows...

For an elevated curb appeal, the Sterling brings timeless lines to outdoor settings. With its flared shade, this post mount light complements contemporary...

The Original™ partners a handspun RLM shade with high-performance technology and a versatile post mounting. Integrating LEDs into its design lets this...

Reminiscent of gas station lighting from the early 20th century, the Seaside immediately elevates exterior décors. A wavy fluted shade establishes this post...

As a partnership between meticulous manufacturing techniques, cutting-edge technology, and timeless styles, the Avalon is the ideal fixture for outdoor...

Efficient and stylish, the Bomber offers a timeless look along with high-performance technology. With influences from traditional shades, this post mount...

Timeless styles, meticulous craftsmanship, and cutting-edge technology come together to create the ideal outdoor lighting fixture. Each shade starts as a...

To create a fixture that outperforms every other option, the Sterling integrates LED components into its design. This innovative technology produces light...

Post mount lighting , integral to outdoor lighting plans, spreads ample illumination and hints of character across an entire property. With clean lines...

Looking back to vintage lights for inspiration, the Avalon offers charm, character, and ample illumination to residential and commercial properties....

With its combination of playful styles and high-performance technology, the Seaside is a smart addition to every outdoor location. Fitting two fluted shades...

To meet the growing desire to reduce energy consumption, home and business owners regularly switch to LED lighting options. While these fixtures...

Immensely beneficial to exterior locations, the Bomber’s two shades, rugged guards, and sturdy post mounting bring illumination and character to residential...

Fully embracing timeless RLM styles, the Wilcox incorporates two deep bowl shades into its design. Practical and stylish, this post mount light is perfect...

Instantly heightening a home or business’s curb appeal, the Union’s two handspun shades are equipped with timeless, rugged metal guards. Not purely...

Why are Porcelain LED Post Mount Lights perfect for residential and commercial properties?

Post mount lighting serves dual purposes: during daytime hours, these outdoor lights add to a property’s curb appeal while at night, the fixtures offer a sense of safety and security along with the illumination needed for a venue to feel welcoming. While commercial settings typically use post mount lights for parking lots, walkways, and outdoor gathering spaces, residential customers also install these fixtures along driveways and to highlight landscaping.

How are Barn Light Electric’s LED post mount lighting different?

Porcelain LED Post Mount Lights from Barn Light Electric offer the best combination of style, durability, and efficiency for outdoor lighting. From the enduring finish of porcelain enamel to the integrated LED module that provides 50,000 hours of illumination, these post top lights are crafted to last. Post mount lights can be utilized in a variety of spaces including:

  • Public Parks
  • Parking Lots
  • Waterfront Docks
  • Walkways/Sidewalks
  • Entryways to Commercial Buildings
  • Driveways
  • Garages

Easy to customize with shade size, finish color, plus mounting and LED options, these sturdy lights can handle installation in outdoor settings while still offering plenty of style. More than just a utilitarian fixture, our Porcelain LED Post Mount Lights become an integral part of your commercial brand or residential décor. 

How are Porcelain LED Post Mounts constructed?

Made exclusively by Barn Light Electric in the United States, these post mount lights are constructed entirely from commercial grade materials. Our team of metal spinners shapes each shade individually by hand ensuring a high level of quality and attention to detail. The combination of a sturdy post mount, high-gloss porcelain enamel finish, and an energy-efficient LED module gives this collection of outdoor lighting the durability to last for years.

What LED options are offered with these lights?

Multiple LED options are available, and each determines to the overall look and feel of the illumination offered:

  • Lumens: Measures the brightness of the light
  • Lens: Flat lenses and Domed — an option that replicates the look of a bulb — are available
  • Color temperatures: Ranging from 2700K-Warm White (which is recommended for residential applications to 4000K Cool White