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Efficient, fashionable, and functional: Ivanhoe® LED Cord Pendants demonstrate timeless yet modern styles and integrate cutting-edge LED technology. Coated with our signature porcelain enamel, Ivanhoe® LED Pendants provide unmatched durability and a unique high-gloss shine. Customize for a one-of-a-kind look! Read More »

The consolidation of porcelain enamel, a rustic guard, and a warehouse shade into a single fixture creates the Aero’s new defining look. Featuring...

  Bring your décor to life! Even with stylish furnishings, spaces don't always feel "lived-in" or welcoming. The Ivanhoe® Seaside Radial Wave...

Harkening back to old-world industrial fixtures, Avalon features a classic warehouse shade completed with a rustic cast guard. Rustic guards were...

  Our American-made lighting mirrors the craftsmanship of the fixtures found in early 20th century factories. Each of our warehouse shades is spun and...

With its sleek, deep bowl shade, the Wilcox’s impact is immediately felt in any décor. Coated with several layers of porcelain enamel, this finish...

Equipped with cutting-edge LED technology, the Scrimmage is a remarkably powerful source of primary lighting. With a basic utilitarian function, this...

  Cord hung pendants have been a popular way to infuse decorative touches to homes and businesses throughout the 20th century. This look is highly...

Always looking to set our fixtures apart from other options, rustic guards are now available for our classic LED barn lighting. Grounding the dramatic...

  Becoming the focal point of any home or commercial location, this cord hung pendant showcases trendy industrial styles. Complementary of both modern...

  The Sterling fuses porcelain enamel, a warehouse shade, and a rustic guard into a single pendant light representing our peak level of craftsmanship....

We've made our name on the high standards we hold for our fixtures. One way we accomplish this is through the use of porcelain enamel finishing on many...

With the intention of supplying bright, welcoming light to expansive commercial settings, the Kickoff incorporates cutting-edge LED components into its deep...

Functional and versatile, the Gridiron’s innovative design unites cutting-edge technology and durable industrial influences. As an efficient yet powerful...

High-lumen lighting, essential in commercial buildings, helps voluminous spaces appear welcoming and hospitable. To emit this mandatory illumination, the...

Reliability and performance are fully on display in the Touchdown’s contemporary design. As a powerful source of primary lighting, the Touchdown relies on...

For those enamored with the latest styles and newest technologies, the Loma unites LED components with a curved, playful shape. As the ideal avenue for...

With its 20th century roots, the Syracuse demonstrates a timeless decorative appeal and classic industrial character. However, this modern version...

With vintage influences and integrated LED components, the Cleveland recreates and reimagines classic 20th-century lighting designs. Known for its...

The Bridgeport combines classic vintage detailing with the latest in LED technology — a functional yet decorative design. Rugged features like a...

While the Chicago is modeled after vintage explosion-proof lighting, it’s aesthetic is strikingly modern. An authentic industrial design is responsible for...

Industrial details with a modern touch, the Rochester embraces vintage influences and contemporary LED technology. Long-lasting and handcrafted, the...

What makes Ivanhoe® LED Cord Pendants special?

Pairing classic vintage styling with cutting-edge LED technology, this collection of porcelain enamel cord-hung lighting is hard to beat. With roots in early 20th century lighting styles, the Ivanhoe® LED Pendant Collection offers beautifully handcrafted pendants that are highly efficient. With their familiar, timeless aesthetic, these pendants complement décors ranging from traditional to ultra-modern. Meticulously crafted with careful attention to every detail, the LED pendant lights featured in this collection are finished with high-gloss porcelain enamel for a glistening finish.

Where are these lights typically installed? And what styles do they complement?

Cord hung pendants are one of the most popular and versatile styles of pendant lighting. These fixtures can take on a variety of looks thanks to multiple customization options for the shade, cord, and canopy, plus other accessories. These ceiling pendants can be found in a wide variety of spaces including:

  • Dining rooms
  • Kitchens
  • Laundry rooms
  • Workshops
  • Restaurants
  • Cafes
  • Boutique retail stores
  • Office spaces

A worthy successor to vintage pendant lights, Ivanhoe® LED Pendants are constructed using similar techniques as historic manufacturers. These ceiling lights are perfectly suited for high-traffic commercial spaces thanks to their rugged construction and low-maintenance integrated LED modules. Because the fixtures can be installed and simply enjoyed for years to come, homeowners love them as well.

How does Barn Light Electric construct its porcelain enamel lighting?

As the country’s only manufacturer of porcelain enamel lighting, Barn Light Electric spins each shade by hand from commercial grade steel. Multiple layers of porcelain enamel glass are hand-applied, then the shades are fired under extremely high temperatures to seal the glass to the shade. Celebrated for its durability and high-gloss shine, porcelain enamel provides the durability and distinctive appearance sought by both homes and businesses. No matter the style of home or business, these LED pendants contribute the perfect touches of style.  

What are some benefits to LED lighting?

Renowned for their efficiency, LED modules offer savings on power bills and reductions to energy demands. The integrated design produces around 50,000 continuous hours of light while consuming little electricity, benefitting the environment and letting these lights meet “green” building standards.