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Dependable, efficient, and stylish: Benjamin® LED Stem Mounts are fully integrated with state-of-the-art technology and coated with our signature porcelain enamel—a high-gloss, durable finish! Rated for interior and exterior installation, these LED pendants offer their traditional-meets-modern look to any space!

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Uniting iconic styles with advanced LED technology, The Original™ is an integral addition to residential and commercial lighting plans. About 85% more...

An industrial-inspired design, the Bomber possesses the rugged edge favored by both contemporary décors and traditional spaces. Subtle curves give the...

A classic design with modern technology, the Avalon expertly partners meticulous craftsmanship, eye-catching styles, and efficient LEDs. With its sleek...

Representing classic styles and the latest technology, the Wilcox LED Stem Mount Pendant reimagines traditional warehouse shades by integrating high-tech...

Timeless lighting with cutting-edge technology, the Dominion unites functionality and style in a single design. Initially, these shades were used in rugged...

Mindful of its aesthetic and practical purposes, the Marathon’s innovative design partners a handcrafted shade, versatile mounting, and fully integrated LED...

Incredibly versatile and indescribably stylish, the Conoco features a timeless appearance, sturdy mounting, and innovative technology. State-of-the-art LED...

A modern update to vintage lights, the Union integrates cutting-edge LED technology into its stylish design. LED components, the most efficient option...

The Aero LED Stem Mount provides warm touches of illumination and an elevated appearance to every space — indoors or out! Far more efficient than standard...

Still packed with plenty of vintage charm, this pendant light is updated with integrated LED technology. These high-performance components can produce...

Often, the fixtures that meet strict energy codes are plain, unassuming, and fade into the background of a décor. By partnering the latest LED technology...

Durable, high-performance lighting is essential in large commercial areas like the breezeways in amphitheaters and arenas. With its modern technology and...

Drawing inspiration from salvaged factory lighting, the Chicago Vintage Industrial LED Stem Mount Pendant features a rounded shade, sturdy mounting, and...

Although based on vintage lights, the Bomber still feels strikingly modern and relevant to today’s homes and businesses. This timelessness is due to the...

With its rounded dome shade and elevated playfulness, the Loma demonstrates the contemporary characteristics desired in many homes and businesses. The Loma...

With influences from early 20th-century lighting, the Rochester demonstrates a timeless character and rugged appeal. Authentic industrial components like an...

Thoughtfully designed, the Gridiron Stem Mount Pendant helps vast commercial buildings, large pavilions, and stadium breezeways avoid feeling cavernous and...

Our modern lights recreate the fixtures first found in gas stations and factories while adding contemporary flourishes and the latest technology. In this...

Evocative of early 20th-century factory lighting, the Bridgeport was designed for spaces seeking a rugged, vintage look and the latest technology. Although...

While rugged styles have grown popular in recent years, the Dino’s aesthetic dates back to the early 20th century. Just like vintage lights, a metal guard...

The integrity of American made lighting coupled with powerful LED technology—this pendant is ideal for homes and businesses! Manufactured by hand, the Esso...

The Marathon incorporates high-performance technology and durable components, but it’s more than just a practical addition to a space. With its shallow bowl...

By fitting a nautical guard to a timeless shallow bowl shade, the Dominion features the rugged edge sought by both contemporary and traditional spaces. A...

A functional pendant that doesn’t sacrifice style, the Sterling joins state-to-of-the-art technology and classic warehouse lighting. Adhering to the latest...

What is unique about Benjamin® LED Stem Mount Pendants?

With a more formal style than their cord-hung cousins, stem mounted pendants offer the flexibility of ceiling lights with the durability of wet-rated fixtures. The rugged stem mounting protects the fixture’s wiring from weather conditions while offering a subtle industrial edge to the design. Our collection of Benjamin® LED Stem Mount Pendants feature early 20th century styles combined with highly efficient, integrated LED modules. Meticulously hand-crafted with careful attention to every detail, these LED ceiling pendants are finished with high-gloss porcelain enamel for an eye-catching, resilient finish.

How are LED Stem Mounts used in homes and businesses?

While LED stem pendants emphasis durability in their designs, they are still adaptable to many spaces thanks to the multitude of customization options offered. Go traditional with Black or White finishes or add a dash of playful color with Jadite or Cherry Red. Stem-mounted pendants can be found both indoors and out including:

  • Entryways
  • Covered Porches
  • Living Rooms
  • Kitchen Islands
  • Restaurants, Bars, Breweries
  • Supermarket & Department Stores
  • Office Buildings

In residential settings, one pendant over the kitchen island provides excellent task lighting while hanging multiple pendants in living spaces creates brighter, more welcoming rooms. In commercial settings, stem mount pendants are easily able to withstand the high-traffic and the LED modules offer 50,000 hours of illumination thus eliminating the need to change bulbs frequently. Quality, style, energy efficient and environmentally friendly too!

How are LED Stem Lights Constructed?

Made exclusively in the United States, the Benjamin® Collection’s shades are constructed entirely from steel. Our team of metal spinners shapes each shade individually by hand, ensuring a level of quality and attention to detail not found in other manufacturers. The combination of a sturdy stem mounting, porcelain enamel, high quality steel, and meticulous craftsmanship gives the Benjamin® Collection its trademark durability. Each porcelain ceiling pendant is made-to-order affording you the opportunity to create a light fixture that perfectly suits your space.

What LED options are offered?

Celebrated for their efficiency, LEDs outperform standard incandescent and most other sources of light. Multiple LED options are available, letting you determine the overall look and feel of the illumination produced:

  • Lumens: The brightness of the illumination
  • Color Temperature: Decides the look and feel of the light
  • Lens: A domed lens emulates the look of standard bulbs or a flat lens is also available