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Outfitted with the latest technology, these porcelain LED lights incorporate modules directly in their shades to maximize their potential efficiency and lifespan! To bridge the gaps between modern technology and old-world craftsmanship, our LED lighting features timeless RLM shades. Fully customizable! Read More »

Evocative of influential early 20th-century lighting styles, The Original™ appeals to both traditional and contemporary décors. This iconic gooseneck light...

Known for its wavy design, the Seaside Radial Wave shade is regularly used to heightened the look of oceanfront properties — or landlocked spaces wanting...

Light up your residential or commercial settings with energy-efficient LED post mount lights. Two RLM-style shades focus light downward onto sidewalks,...

This sleek shade has roots in the early 20th century, a time when lighting fixtures were not only stylish but incredibly durable and long-lasting as well....

Sign lighting should be equally functional and eye-catching, and this option addresses these needs with the latest styles and innovative technology. The...

Uniting contemporary technology with classic styles and vintage manufacturing techniques, the Bomber LED Gooseneck Light was created with both residential...

Classic gooseneck sign lights are updated with high-performance LED technology, creating a unique fixture that’s both practical and decorative. The Emblem,...

Lending rugged styles to eco-friendly lighting, the Union LED Gooseneck Light lets any space embrace an industrial-inspired decor. Inspired by the lighting...

A favorite for residential and commercial lighting applications, the Wilcox transforms vintage styles with modern technology. LED components are integrated...

Featuring high-performance LED components and a vintage-influenced shade, the Seaside combines the best of two worlds: classic designs and innovative...

Equipped with cutting-edge technology and a shallow bowl shade, the Dominion is a contemporary update to time-honored industrial styles. By incorporating a...

A modern update for timeless lighting, the Aero embraces vintage influences and the very latest LED technology, creating the perfect fixture for residential...

Brighten your sidewalks and shop exteriors with energy efficient and environmentally friendly LED post mount lighting. The Sky Chief LED Post Mount Light...

Versatile and stylish, the Marathon has emerged as a favorite in homes and businesses. Vintage influences and high-tech components are central to the...

Endlessly adaptable and unbelievably stylish, the Sinclair is one of the most versatile lighting options available — one that corresponds with traditional...

With its flat shape and timeless gooseneck arm, the Conoco embodies classic styles. However, thanks to its integrated LED components, this fixture is also...

Partnering high quality construction, cutting-edge technology, and timeless styles, the Avalon is ideal for outdoor locations. A single handspun RLM shade...

Delivering a fun and playful style to your home or commercial space, the Seaside Radial Wave Decorative Rustic LED Post Mount Light is an American-made...

Balancing its shade’s festive charms with industrial guards and a decorative mounting, the Seaside is a truly memorable design! This fixture mimics classic...

Among the most imaginative fixtures we produce, the Seaside demonstrates a lively aesthetic. This post mount fixture incorporates three fluted shades into...

Originally used to brighten gas stations and public spaces, the Sky Chief’s timeless charm is ideal for contemporary installation. Attached to a fashionable...

Combine a classic RLM-inspired warehouse shade with the very latest in LED technology and you get the Sky Chief Decorative Rustic LED Post Mount Light!...

One of our most prominent designs, the Sky Chief, is now a post mount light! This model consolidates two Sky Chief shades into a single fixture, doubling...

Reminiscent of the gas station lights of the early 20th century, the Seaside immediately elevates exterior décors. A wavy fluted shade establishes this post...

Embracing timeless RLM styles, the Wilcox incorporates two deep bowl shades into its design. Practical and fashionable, this post mount light is perfect for...

Equipped with cutting-edge LED technology, the Scrimmage is a remarkably powerful source of primary lighting. With a basic utilitarian function, this...

Centered on our iconic Sky Chief shades, this post mount light keeps the traditions of vintage fixtures alive. The rustic guards used in this design play up...

Combining the latest styles with state-of-the-art technology, the Seaside Post Mount Light is a smart addition to any residential or commercial location....

Taking your exterior lighting to the next level, the Union outfits a functional post mount arm with a classic warehouse shade. A rugged guard gives the...

Simultaneously brightening exterior spaces and inserting an old-world character, the Sky Chief uncovers a new take on outdoor lighting. Based on our...

Playing up the industrial legacy of RLM lighting fixtures, we’ve introduced rustic guards into the Union’s design. This fashionable appearance is easily...

An environmentally friendly light that combines the very best in American-made lighting and LED technology! The Wilcox Decorative Rustic LED Post Mount...

Ideal for places in need extra touches of light, the Avalon joins two RLM shades to a single post mounting. The Avalon directs bright light downward onto...

Elevating outdoor spaces with a truly unique style, the Wilcox embraces a truly timeless aesthetic. A deep bowl shade hangs from a post mounting, letting...

Instantly heightening your home or business’s curb appeal, the Union Post Mount Light’s two shades are outfitted with timeless rustic guards. Not purely...

Intended as a long term addition to outdoor locations, the Union incorporates commercial grade materials and cutting-edge technology to ensure its lifespan....

Showing off a familiar stacked neck design, the Aero’s classic style has received an industrial update! Incorporating rugged guards into this timeless...

One of our most popular RLM-inspired warehouse shades is now available as an LED exterior light! The Bomber Rustic LED Post Mount Light offers a generous...

Coupling a classic RLM-inspired warehouse shade with the very latest in LED technology creates the perfect exterior post mount light! The Avalon Rustic LED...

As the desire to save energy and clean up the environment intensifies, home and business owners are regularly switching to LED lighting options. Many LED...

Looking back to vintage fixtures for inspiration, the Avalon is a charming addition to residential or commercial venues. Two classic Avalon shades are...

By combining three of our classic deep bowl shades and industrial guard options, we’ve forged a truly memorable post mount light. In line with timeless...

Efficient and stylish, the Bomber offers a timeless style and state-of-the-art technology! Based on classic RLM shades, this post mount light makes an...

The flat, sleek shade of the Sterling Deep Cone Reflector LED Post Mount Light brings a heightened sense of style to both residential and commercial...

With its sleek, flared shade, the Aero Rustic LED Post Mount Light brings a touch of modern styling to this rugged exterior light. Easy to customize with...

Reminiscent of the post mount lighting once common in public spaces, commercial venues, and residential properties, we borrow this timeless structure to...

LED technology is a growing trend in lighting design! Manufacturers regularly experiment with new techniques to lessen the amount of energy necessary to...

Keeping the look of vintage fixtures in the forefront of its design, the Avalon attempts to preserve their storied legacy. A welcome addition to virtually...

Why are Porcelain LED Lights popular in homes and businesses?

Revered for their efficiency, LED lights are growing in prominence in both residential and commercial settings. With this increased popularity, there’s now a multitude of LED lighting options reflective of the latest design trends. By adopting these influences, modern LED lights are no longer considered purely utilitarian features of a space. Instead, they are now seen as central to the establishment of a room’s aesthetic and character.

LEDs allow nearly unrestricted control over the light’s overall tone and brightness. Multiple lumen options provide the perfect amount of illumination for any setting while the color temperatures indicate the light’s warmth or coolness. Warm color temperatures have subtle yellow tones and help rooms feel comfortable and inviting. However, the cooler color temperatures tend to be bluer and are perceived as brighter light.

The LED technology incorporated into these porcelain lights produces around 50,000 hours of light while consuming considerably less electricity than standard incandescent bulbs. By switching their spaces to LED lighting, home and business owners can greatly reduce power bills and help decrease their venue’s carbon footprint.

What makes Barn Light Electric’s LED Lighting unique?

Best described as a partnership between contemporary styles and cutting-edge technology, our fixtures integrate the latest LED components directly into their structures. This design takes advantage of the innumerable benefits of LEDs while still supplying residential and commercial spaces with a heightened aesthetic.

As with our more traditional lighting designs, our LED lights are constructed entirely by hand in the United States. Starting with flat pieces of commercial grade steel, our dedicated team of artisans carefully manipulate the metal around a mold until it assumes the familiar shape of RLM shades. Because this process is conducted entirely by hand, we’re able to ensure a level of quality and attention to detail other manufacturing techniques cannot replicate.

With our signature porcelain enamel, LED lights receive a bonus layer of protection not afforded by other finishes. Multiple layers of this material are applied to the steel RLM shades by hand. Known for its durability and high-gloss properties, porcelain enamel provides the longevity and unique appearance sought by both homes and businesses.

What mountings are available with porcelain LED lights?

To make these technologically advanced lights available to every home and business, our porcelain LED fixtures are offered with nearly every mounting.

  • Gooseneck Lighting: Although typically installed in outdoor settings, gooseneck LED lights are also common additions to interior locations. Gooseneck lighting imparts both functionality and aesthetic benefits to homes and businesses.
  • Ceiling Lighting: To bring a timeless look to any space, cord, chain, and stem mountings suspend porcelain shades from ceilings. For a bold, dramatic look, LED chandeliers unite multiple shades to a single mounting.
  • Wall Sconces: Intended for smaller spaces, like hallways and entryways, wall sconces deliver plenty of light and curb appeal to homes and businesses.
  • Post Top Fixtures: With their timeless style and practical obligations, post top lights distribute light and style to the areas far from a house or building. This results in safer, more secure parking lots, walkways, and long driveways!