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With styles indebted to vintage gooseneck lights, some of our most iconic designs call the Goodrich® Collection home! Hand-crafted from steel and coated with porcelain enamel, each fully customizable gooseneck light in this collection demonstrates the height of American made quality! Read More »

Based on designs from the early 20 th century, The Original™ is an iconic, stylish, and dependable gooseneck light. This straightforward look features a...

Featuring eye-catching curves and a vintage-inspired design, the Bomber captures attention in any location — indoors or out. The Bomber’s gooseneck mounting...

Embracing historic manufacturing techniques and vintage designs, this modern version of deep bowl lighting is incredibly durable and indescribably stylish....

As homeowners and commercial builders have discovered, the Dino is among the easiest ways to add one-of-a-kind touches of character to any project. Ranging...

Influenced by 1930s-era gas station lighting, the Seaside’s shallow, fluted shade is designed to stand out. By embracing an inherently playful shape, the...

Thanks to its classic gooseneck charm, the Avalon finds a home in contemporary houses and businesses. To establish its timeless look, the Avalon turns to...

First developed in the early 20th century, the lighting once used to illuminate industrial settings remains popular to the present day. Not only does the...

This classic gooseneck fixture combines the integrity of high-quality metals with fashionable lighting designs. Originally developed to spread illumination...

A classic barn light with an updated, modern feel! With its stacked neck design, sleek flared base, and iconic gooseneck arm, the Aero offers a versatile...

A design first developed for gas stations and industrial buildings, gooseneck lighting’s timeless appearance is a favorite in both residential and...

Displaying a versatile aesthetic, the Sterling supplies the unique decorative touches needed to separate your home or business from any neighboring...

With roots in early 20th-century lighting, the Marathon embraces a low profile and timeless shallow bowl shade. Despite these vintage influences, the...

Based on designs from the 1930s, the Sinclair’s classic lines and straightforward appearance complement the various styles popular in contemporary décors....

Evocative of influential early 20th-century lighting styles, The Original™ appeals to both traditional and contemporary décors. This iconic gooseneck light...

While The Chicago recalls early 20th-century explosion proof lighting, its rounded shape and industrial edge also appeals to contemporary décors and the...

This sleek shade has roots in the early 20th century, a time when lighting fixtures were not only stylish but incredibly durable and long-lasting as well....

Sign lighting should be equally functional and eye-catching, and this option addresses these needs with the latest styles and innovative technology. The...

Uniting contemporary technology with classic styles and vintage manufacturing techniques, the Bomber LED Gooseneck Light was created with both residential...

Lending rugged styles to eco-friendly lighting, the Union LED Gooseneck Light lets any space embrace an industrial-inspired decor. Inspired by the lighting...

Classic gooseneck sign lights are updated with high-performance LED technology, creating a unique fixture that’s both practical and decorative. The Emblem,...

A favorite for residential and commercial lighting applications, the Wilcox transforms vintage styles with modern technology. LED components are integrated...

Featuring high-performance LED components and a vintage-influenced shade, the Seaside combines the best of two worlds: classic designs and innovative...

A modern update for timeless lighting, the Aero embraces vintage influences and the very latest LED technology, creating the perfect fixture for residential...

Equipped with cutting-edge technology and a shallow bowl shade, the Dominion is a contemporary update to time-honored industrial styles. By incorporating a...

Why is porcelain enamel used for gooseneck lighting?

Because gooseneck fixtures are among the most common lights for outdoor spaces, porcelain enamel is the ideal finish option. With its proven reputation for durability, porcelain enamel significantly extends the lifespan of gooseneck light fixtures by protecting their metal shades from inclement weather conditions.

There are also decorative benefits to porcelain enamel. Porcelain’s glistening surface reflects sunlight to produce a distinctive sheen, contributing depth and richness to the material’s color. These characteristics let porcelain beautifully convey color and provide uniqueness to lighting designs.

Are gooseneck lights ever used indoors?

Yes, more and more creative interior designers, business professionals, and homeowners are bringing gooseneck lights indoors! Because these lights distance their shades from the wall, they’re an innovative replacement for pendant lighting above kitchen tables, built-in breakfast nooks, and booths in bars and restaurants.

In spacious living rooms, cozy dens, and above staircases, porcelain gooseneck lights coordinate with a home’s curated accessories to establish an elevated décor. Hotel lobbies, breweries, coffee shops, and other businesses integrate porcelain light shades into their spaces to achieve a modern feel.

What styles does porcelain gooseneck lighting complement?

Due to their inherent simplicity and aesthetic versatility, a diverse assortment of décor styles accommodates porcelain gooseneck lights. Houses in suburban subdivisions, commercial properties and homes in urban settings, and authentic farmhouses located off dirt roads all incorporate gooseneck lighting outdoors. In both residential and commercial properties, a brightly lit exterior establishes a welcoming atmosphere and indicates fashionable, thoughtfully decorated interior spaces. Including the same gooseneck lights indoors provides aesthetic continuity throughout an entire property. Some popular styles that include gooseneck light fixtures are:

  • Urban Contemporary: Many gooseneck lights update classic shades with sleek modern lines and chic curves. While these shades feature slightly revamped designs, they present the familiar look associated with RLM porcelain lighting. This allows gooseneck lighting to uphold tradition while still fitting the mindsets of contemporary designers.
  • Urban Traditional: However, urban settings, particularly historic buildings, sometimes favor more classic gooseneck lights because of their authentic details and timeless style.
  • Farmhouse: Porcelain gooseneck lighting is a staple of the farmhouse aesthetic. Originally found on barns and stables, gooseneck lights now impart an instant farmhouse style to front porches, garages, storefronts, and interior spaces like kitchens and living rooms.
  • Modern Industrial: Industrial décors are hallmarks of modern architecture. Contemporary businesses, converted lofts, condos, and houses celebrate simple building materials and rugged styles to create a modern look. With their industrial origins, gooseneck lights effortlessly convey this trendy aesthetic, and accessories like wire cages and cast guards further enhance gooseneck lighting’s industrial appeal. These lights are included both indoors and outdoors for bright and fashionable spaces.

Who is Goodrich Electric Co. and what’s their history?

Goodrich Electric Co., the namesake of our collection of porcelain gooseneck lights, was a lighting manufacturer operating out of Chicago during the early twentieth century. The company is known for the lighting they produced for the emerging gas station industry. In their 1939 catalog Goodrich described the importance of gas station lighting:

“The station that is properly floodlighted becomes a landmark in the darkness. It signals the approaching motorist—tells him that a service station lies ahead—gives him a chance to turn in before he has passed by…It has drawing power for street and highway traffic. It advertises the service station and increases daytime business through returning customers whose attention was attracted at night.”

Like most other manufacturers from this era, Goodrich was primarily concerned with the durability and functionality of their fixtures. To ensure a high quality, they coated their gas station lights with porcelain enamel and crafted them with close attention to detail.

Informed by this mindset, we’ve been greatly influenced by Goodrich Electric Co.; not only by the style and quality of the shades and fixtures they produced, but also in their attitude towards the importance of lighting within commercial settings. We’ve extended this principle to include residential locations and construct fashionable, long lasting gooseneck lighting fixtures for homes throughout the country. That’s why we named our signature line of porcelain gooseneck lights after Goodrich Electric Co.! We hold the lights we manufacture to the same high standards as Goodrich and only incorporate commercial grade materials into our lighting designs, continuing their commitment to quality with every light we produce.