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Same style, same construction, at a lowered price! Intended for those who want unique fixtures and don’t mind a subtle blemish or two, this collection of discount porcelain lighting includes shades that don’t quite meet our quality control standards. Available in a constantly changing array of colors! Read More »

17" Porcelain White Bomber Shade Save discount 25%
$247.00 $185.00
10" Conoco, 250-White Save discount 25%
$214.00 $161.00
Porcelain Cherry Red Emblem Sign Light, G24 Gooseneck Save discount 25%
$316.00 $237.00
14" Deep Bowl, 150-Black Save discount 25%
$247.00 $185.00
16" Porcelain Yellow Aero Shade Save discount 25%
$255.00 $192.00
16" Porcelain Yellow Deep Bowl Shade Save discount 19%
$272.00 $220.00
12" Porcelain Cobalt Aero Shade Save discount 25%
$234.00 $176.00
16" Porcelain Cobalt Blue Sky Chief Shade Save discount 24%
$237.00 $181.00
16" Porcelain Bronze Sky Chief Shade Save discount 24%
$222.00 $168.00
Porcelain Yellow Sterling Deep Cone Shade Save discount 25%
$210.00 $158.00
17" Porcelain Cobalt Blue Bomber Shade Save discount 25%
$262.00 $196.00
16" Porcelain Yellow Sky Chief Shade Save discount 25%
$237.00 $178.00

Why are these porcelain lights offered at a discounted rate?

Due to the hands-on nature of our manufacturing processes, our porcelain shades occasionally obtain minor blemishes or inconsistencies. While these faults are purely aesthetic and do not affect the fixture’s functionality, they prevent the shades from meeting our strict quality control standards. For those who don’t mind minor flaws such as small chips, slight bubbles, or color variations, we offer these shades at a reduced price.

What mountings and customization options are available?

Our stock of discount porcelain lighting changes constantly and can include pendants, gooseneck lights, wall sconces, and more. These fixtures are fully functional and suitable for both residential and commercial spaces.

Because these fixtures have already been finished, the size and finish color of the shade are noted on the product page. Customers choose the mounting option desired including a range of cording or gooseneck arm styles.

How are these lights constructed?

Like all our porcelain enamel lighting, these shades are hand-spun from commercial grade steel and hand finished with porcelain enamel glass. Rugged yet beautiful with a high-gloss, highly durable finish, these lights are suitable for both commercial spaces and residential homes. The shades are fired in a special porcelain enamel oven, which reaches temperatures of 1,500 degrees, to seal the porcelain enamel glass to the shade for a long-lasting finish.