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10" Porcelain White Union Shade

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This American-made, discounted light features all of the classic barn light styling at a fraction of the cost! The 10" Porcelain White Union Shade features a rugged porcelain enamel finish and is fully functional!

Because of the hands-on process we use to create our porcelain enamel products, minor faults do occur. The shades that do not pass our stringent inspection process may have small chips, blisters, or color variations. These lights are fully functional and deeply discounted!

W 10" x H 7"
Porcelain White
Max Wattage Per Socket
200W Standard Incandescent
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Not Eligible for Return

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I loved the shape and look of this fixture in the picture, and bought two of them. In my kitchen, however, I've been disappointed not to be able to see and appreciate the beauty of the shades. This is likely because there's very little light above the rims of the shades, so the shades themselves and their cords are in darkness. I realize now that if the shades had some slits or perforations in them, this might help to make them more clearly visible. I'm afraid that the 10" size may also be a factor in the fixtures' getting lost, in visual terms. If returns were allowed, I might have tried to exchange them for a 12" size, but since they aren't, I'm stuck with the 10" ones. Great design and look, so I'm sorry to be leaving a somewhat negative report! On the up side, they are sturdy and can hold a high amount of wattage per socket, so there's plenty of light beneath the fixtures!
REPLY FROM BARN LIGHT ELECTRIC: Thank you for your comment Marian, and we're glad that you are satisfied with the quality of your new lighting. This particular light came from our Porcelain Seconds collection which, unlike our regular porcelain enamel lights, is not returnable. The Union Shade is a classic warehouse shade which means its shape and style are that of a downlight -- one that focuses light downward onto the surface below, not upwards. We do offer fixtures that feature both up and down lighting for those spaces where more ambient light is needed. This fixture is more suitable as a task light. You can read more about up and down lighting in this blog post -- http://blog.barnlightelectric.com/lighting-lingo-uplighting-vs-downlighting/
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