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Ivanhoe® Cord Pendant Lighting

Representative of vintage designs, Ivanhoe® Pendant Lights can be tailored to your specifications with an abundance of porcelain finishes, cord styles, and other customization options! Bold, durable, and iconic — define your décor with hand-crafted and indescribably stylish porcelain ceiling pendants!

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How is the Ivanhoe® Collection constructed?

With inspiration found in the manufacturing techniques developed by vintage lighting companies, the Ivanhoe® Collection is made with quality in mind. A worthy successor to vintage pendant lights, this selection of fixtures is constructed using similar procedures as historic manufacturers.

A flat piece of solid steel is carefully sculpted by hand until it takes on the shape of classic RLM shades. Multiple layers of a porcelain enamel are then sprayed onto the steel shade, a process completely unique to Barn Light Electric.

The combination of solid steel and porcelain is what gives these ceiling pendants their longevity. Baked in an oven reaching temperatures of 1,600 degrees, the glass is permanently fused to the shade. The porcelain enamel provides these shades a high-gloss appearance and the durability needed in any setting.

Why are porcelain pendant lights popular in commercial spaces?

As commercial lighting, the unparalleled durability of porcelain enamel weathers installation in high-volume businesses such as restaurants, breweries, and retail venues. With an assortment of finish colors offered, this pendant lighting can mirror a brand’s look to establish a cohesive commercial aesthetic. The high-gloss Porcelain ceiling lights gift a splash of color to businesses, making these spaces warm and inviting. As a result, these porcelain ceiling lights become a statement piece in any business.

Is porcelain ceiling lighting installed in residential settings?

Popular above kitchen tables and islands, classic pendant lights supply homes with an elevated character. With their versatile aesthetic and near universal appeal, these shades adapt to the various styles prominent in contemporary homes.

Can cord hung pendants be installed outside?

Where a pendant light is installed is determined by its cord. Certain cords are rated for installation in damp areas—spaces where the fixture is exposed to moisture in the air but protected from direct contact with water. However, dry-rated cords are restricted to interior spaces and shouldn’t be installed in bathrooms.

What styles are porcelain pendant lights used for?

Porcelain enamel lighting isn't only preferred for its long-lasting surface. In fact, the porcelain’s glossy appearance heightens the style of any location. Ranging from contemporary chic to industrial and farmhouse, porcelain pendant lighting suits a variety of decors. For farmhouse styles, pendant lighting enriches homes and businesses with a certain timelessness. Also fitting of contemporary spaces, the sleek, streamlined RLM shades reflect the tastes of modern designers and suit cutting-edge decors.