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Vintage Ball Perfect Blue Mason Jar Pendant

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Embracing industrial farmhouse styles, this ceiling lighting incorporates recycled ball mason jars into its design. Finding a new purpose, a blue mason jar becomes the shade on a cord hung pendant. The blue jar casts a soft glow throughout the room, creating a calming atmosphere. By integrating a classic household item into its design, this cord hung lighting offers a country charm to any space.

The Vintage Ball Perfect Blue Mason Jar Pendant looks great in country kitchens or living rooms. Or bring this unique pendant to lofts or businesses. 

  • Zinc lid with vintage Ball Perfect Mason Jar
  • Each vintage jar is an original, and therefore finishes on the zinc lid may vary
  • Read more about the Vintage Ball Perfect Blue Mason Jar Pendant over on our blog!

CSA Listed
Dry Location
W 4" x H 7" (May Vary)
Max Wattage Per Socket
Will Include 7' of Standard Cord or 5' of Cotton Cord

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