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Need lighting in a hurry but don’t want to compromise on style? The Quick Ship Collection offers many of our most popular shades and mounts available for shipping in just a few business days. Handcrafted in the USA, these handspun lights are easy to customize and are shipped quickly!

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Packed with the styles of warehouse lighting, the Original™ is part of our Quick Ship Line. With a selection of shade sizes, finish colors and gooseneck...

For those renovating their spaces under a time crunch, or individuals wanting a quick addition to their spaces, we've made a selection of fixtures available...

Modeled after the warehouse lighting once used to illuminate industrial settings, the  Wilcox Deep Bowl Cord Hung Pendant provides those same styles to...

Complete with the durability and styles of vintage lighting, our Wilcox Deep Bowl Stem Mount Light borrows its design from a previous era. Originally...

Available with our most popular customization options, the Original™ Stem Mount Pendant is part of our Quick Ship Line — a collection of lighting fixtures...

Bringing classic charms to modern spaces, the Bomber is eligible for the Quick Ship Option! This means we're typically able to ship your fixture in about...

Initially found illuminating barns, warehouses, factories and other industrial settings, we've made this classic lighting design available to contemporary...

Complete with a deep bowl shade and rugged stem mounting, the Bomber Stem Mount Pendant is now available with our fastest delivery yet! Made from...

Updating a once-prominent lighting design, the  Aero Shallow Bowl Cord Hung Pendant features a style suiting almost every decor! Although rooted in vintage...

Found in a wide range of decors, the Austin in one of our most popular wall lights. And now the classic look of this diminutive wall sconce is part of our...

By selecting the Quick Ship option you can receive your fixture in the days immediately following your order. Including some of our most popular fixtures,...

Perfect for last minute additions to remodeling projects or giving your space a spontaneous makeover, the  Wilcox Deep Bowl Gooseneck Light is now a Quick...

Taking on the aesthetic of vintage industrial lighting, the Atomic Topless Streamline Industrial Guard Sconce is part of our Quick Ship Line — a collection...

One of our most popular wall lights, the Atomic Topless Industrial Guard Sconce, is now available in our Quick Ship Line! With a style dating back to the...

Manufactured to the high standards expected of Barn Light Electric products, the Aero Shallow Bowl Gooseneck Light is now a Quick Ship Fixture. Quick Ship...

Used to protect lightbulbs from flying debris and other hazards faced as industrial lighting, wire cages were once prominent throughout the early 20th...

What is Quick Ship Lighting?

Intended for designers, contractors, and home or business owners operating under strict deadlines, our Quick Ship Lighting offers the same style, the same high quality as our custom-made lights with our shortest shipping times! This lets our hand-crafted lights arrive at your door just a few business days following your order!

How is Barn Light Electric’s Quick Ship Lighting manufactured?

Almost every light we construct is entirely made-to-order, meaning we start building the fixtures after an order is placed. While this process allows total customization of the lights, our construction process can take a little longer than mass producing fixtures. To cut down on manufacturing times, we fabricate a limited selection of shades and components in advance, letting us get to work on your order right away.

What’s the difference between Quick Ship Lighting and BLE’s Custom-Made Lights?

Because they’re constructed from premade parts, Quick Ship Lights are offered with a limited selection of customization options. However, Quick Ship Fixtures still demonstrate our full commitment to quality, despite the reduced manufacturing times. That means our Quick Ship Lighting is entirely hand-crafted from commercial grade materials. Outside of the available customization options, the only difference between Quick Ship Lights and our custom-made fixtures is when the components are fabricated.

Is Quick Ship Lighting customizable?

Some of our most popular customization options are available with Quick Ship Lighting. Several iconic shades are included in this collection and multiple mountings makes these fixtures available to any space. Black and white powder coat finishes offer the neutral colors used in almost every design style while Dark Green and Galvanized provide options from more specific aesthetics.