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Along with their familiar profile and timeless charm, outdoor lights contribute safety and security to residential and commercial properties. Centered on traditional styles, these fixtures spread a stylish aesthetic to public parks, commercial parking lots, and sprawling residential properties. Brighten up your exterior spaces with our post top lighting!

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A striking yet playful statement piece, the Seaside is popular in both residential and commercial lighting plans. This festive character is due to its...

Post mount fixtures are incorporated into exterior lighting plans for a variety of reasons. Locations like docks need to be bright and illuminated for...

This authentic rugged creation provides a decorative alternative to strictly utilitarian exterior lighting options. An RLM shade is attached to an upright...

Outdoor lighting is a vital addition to both residential and commercial properties, and the Union features the combination of functionality and style these...

The Bomber successfully pairs vintage influences and timeless styles with modern technology, an ideal addition to any exterior lighting plan. By topping a...

Expanding on classic designs, the Atomic Industrial Guard is now offered as a post-mount light! By carrying a rugged aesthetic throughout an entire...

Home and businesses are always searching for the most efficient, durable, and stylish lighting. At Barn Light Electric, we keep those desires in mind as we...

Industrial design with timeless appeal, this post mount light joins our classic Original™ shade with a metal and glass guard. The fixture’s rugged structure...

Looking for a light to brighten outdoor locations? The Aero Industrial Guard Post Mount is perfect for lighting parking lots, sidewalks, or decks. A classic...

Equally decorative and practical, the Bomber tops an industrial metal guard with a classic RLM shade. A timeless design, the shade’s subtle curves...

With its retro RLM shade and rugged guard and glass fixture, the Union Post Mount Light adds a decorative touch and plenty of illumination to outdoor...

With influences from vintage gas station lighting, the Seaside tops a rugged metal guard with a fun fluted shade. A popular addition to coastal properties,...

How are BLE’s post top light different?

To establish harmony between interior décors and overlooked outdoor spaces, post top lights feature familiar RLM styles. These shades are affixed to a curved arm and mounted to a pole, letting them distribute style and illumination to areas far from a building. Based on vintage designs, these RLM shades still bring an updated feel to contemporary spaces. The timeless quality of these lights makes post top lighting versatile and adaptable, allowing installation in urban shopping districts, public parks, and vast residential properties.

While these lights have aesthetic benefits, they additionally increase the functionality of outdoor spaces. With the illumination emitted by these fixtures, exterior settings are safer and more secure. This brighter, more welcoming curb appeal helps businesses attract attention from passing cars and pedestrians.

How are Post Top Lights constructed?

Only high quality, commercial grade materials are used in the construction of these lights. Flat pieces of metal are spun on a lathe and shaped around a mold entirely by hand. Post mount lights are available with aluminum, copper, and brass shades, and each dramatically alters the fixture’s aesthetic.

Aluminum shades are finished with a wide assortment of powder coat finishes, letting our post lights take on a restrained or playful aesthetic. Brass and copper shades demonstrate the sophistication needed to create elevated, unique exterior décors.

Where is Post Top Lighting typically installed?

In both residential and commercial properties, post top fixtures supply illumination to areas detached from the main building.

  • Sidewalks and walkways in public parks, breweries, and urban settings
  • Parking lots in restaurants and retail settings
  • Outdoor entryways at government buildings and businesses
  • Seating areas surrounding firepits
  • Long driveways on sprawling residential estates