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Outdoor lighting lets you welcome friends and family to your front door or customers to your business with style! Crafted from quality materials and featuring a multitude of designs, our lanterns, post mount lights, and exterior pendants provide plenty of light and loads of curb appeal!

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Although based on vintage lights, the Bomber still feels strikingly modern and relevant to today’s homes and businesses. This timelessness is due to the...

With influences from early 20th-century lighting, the Rochester demonstrates a timeless character and rugged appeal. Authentic industrial components like an...

The integrity of American made lighting coupled with powerful LED technology—this pendant is ideal for homes and businesses! Manufactured by hand, the Esso...

Our modern lights recreate the fixtures first found in gas stations and factories while adding contemporary flourishes and the latest technology. In this...

Evocative of early 20th-century factory lighting, the Bridgeport was designed for spaces seeking a rugged, vintage look and the latest technology. Although...

The Marathon incorporates high-performance technology and durable components, but it’s more than just a practical addition to a space. With its shallow bowl...

While rugged styles have grown popular in recent years, the Dino’s aesthetic dates back to the early 20th century. Just like vintage lights, a metal guard...

By fitting a nautical guard to a timeless shallow bowl shade, the Dominion features the rugged edge sought by both contemporary and traditional spaces. A...

A functional pendant that doesn’t sacrifice style, the Sterling joins state-to-of-the-art technology and classic warehouse lighting. Adhering to the latest...

With its streamlined style and high-performance technology, the Avalon embraces vintage influences without appearing dated. Instead, its rugged, nautical...

Through its sleek, modern lines and grounded profile, the Union articulates a timeless look. A nautical guard adds a rugged edge to this design. This...

Classic nautical styles and powerful LED components are central to the Union’s functional yet eye-catching design. Along with its iconic aesthetic, the...

Staying true to its industrial roots, the Syracuse features an RLM-style shade, protective guard, and sturdy stem mounting. Thanks to its rugged design, the...

With its nautical guard and hand-spun shallow bowl shade, the Dominion embodies the look and craftsmanship of early 20th-century lighting. A gooseneck arm...

Drawing inspiration from vintage lighting designs, the Cleveland features a rugged stem mounting, cast guard and glass, and classic RLM shade. By...

Industrial styles with contemporary technology, the Bridgeport appeals equally to contemporary businesses, historic buildings, and newly constructed homes....

Energy conscious and style focused, the Sterling can perform numerous roles in commercial and residential settings. As a practical addition to a décor, LED...

The Marathon is celebrated for its thoughtful use of vintage styles, contemporary technology, and meticulous hands-on craftsmanship. A popular addition to...

Equally prioritizing performance and aesthetics, the Cleveland embraces vintage industrial styles and the latest technological advances. Integrated LED...

With its straightforward lines and integrated LEDs, the Dino offers plenty of modern appeal while closely adhering to vintage designs. The pendant’s LED...

An authentic nautical design, the Seaside can become a prominent decorative feature at beach houses, urban businesses, and other unique locations. The...

Although first developed to spread light throughout 20th-century factories and warehouses, the Aero’s style remains popular in today's homes and businesses....

Durable, stylish, and incredibly efficient: The Avalon calls on vintage lights for inspiration. An eye-catching aesthetic, the fixture’s industrial edge is...

While the Cleveland features a familiar aesthetic, this updated version incorporates high-performance technology into its design. When compared to more...

What is Outdoor Lighting?

As implied by their name, outdoor lighting fixtures are installed on the exteriors of residential homes and commercial buildings. Exterior fixtures serve two basic purposes: during the day, outdoor decorative lights elevate a property’s curb appeal with their unique style. At night, the same outdoor lights brighten these spaces, offering a sense of safety and security, along with the illumination needed for a venue to feel welcoming.

Types of Outdoor Lighting

With endless combinations for mountings, shade styles, and finish options, every property can receive exterior lighting fixtures complementing its preferred aesthetic. Installation outside necessitates special features and mountings to protect the fixture’s wiring. Typical mountings for outdoor spaces include:

Most of these mountings conceal the wiring and other electrical components behind durable metal stems and arms. While many pendants are rated solely for interior spaces, select cords can be installed on covered porches, entryways, and other “damp” areas — spaces where the lights will not come in direct contact with precipitation.

Outdoor Lighting Usage

Many outdoor spaces require their own specialized sources of illumination, and as a result numerous exterior lights have been created to fill these roles.

  • In public parks, parking lots, and other areas far from the home or commercial building, post mount lights are used to make these spaces feel more hospitable and secure. Large public docks regularly include nautical and RLM-style post mount lights. Smaller nautical and rustic outdoor lights are available for private docks and boat launches.
  • Because they distance the shade from the wall, goosenecks are the most common outdoor lights used to brighten the sidewalks and other walkways directly bordering houses and commercial buildings.
  • Outdoor patio lighting typically consists of goosenecks and wall sconces. These lights flank sliding glass and French doors to make patios and decks functional late into the night.
  • Garage lighting also includes wall lighting like goosenecks and sconces. Along with the brightness these fixtures provide, they also elevate the garage’s curb appeal and provide personality to an often overlooked space.
  • To greet guests with style and inviting light, many entryways and front porches feature wall sconces next to the door. On bigger front porches, a gooseneck light is used for the additional distance from the wall. Entryways with tall, vaulted ceilings can show off a stem mounted or a damp-rated cord hung pendant.

With carefully selected outdoor lights, houses and businesses receive their own distinct curb appeal and ample illumination. Truly custom exterior lights can be created with various finishes, styles, and accessories.