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Outdoor flush mount lighting offers style and illumination to an exterior décor! Fully customizable, these fixtures can take on truly one-of-a-kind looks with various shade styles, finish colors, and other accessories. Crafted entirely by hand, each flush mount light withstands installation in a home or business’s outdoor settings!

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Finding inspiration in the portholes found on ships, the Anchorage Bulkhead Wall Mount Light brings a classic look to homes or businesses. An interesting...

Influenced by classic nautical lighting, this compact fixture’s timeless profile can become an essential addition to every home or business. A versatile...

Flaunting a marine vibe, the Amidships Bulkhead Wall Mount Light blends the looks of nautical and industrial lighting. Suiting many different design...

Low hanging ceilings and undersized areas of homes and businesses are usually limited to track lighting or recessed can lights. But that's no longer the...

Uniting iconic styles with advanced LED technology, The Original™ is an integral addition to residential and commercial lighting plans. About 85% more...

Got a tight space or low ceiling that needs some brightening? The Wallaby Flush Mount Pendant offers loads of industrial style in a fixture designed to rest...

By combining nautical stylings with an industrial warehouse shade, the Sydney bridges the gap between the various worlds of industrial lighting. The Sydney...

Channeling vintage lights, this versatile sconce features a simple yet eye-catching aesthetic. A versatile design, this fixture can be mounted to both walls...

Enjoy the look a nautical cast guard-and-glass fixture as space-saving flush mount lighting! Perfect for low ceilings and tight spaces, the Outback Flush...

With its compact flush mounting and LED components, the Sydney is a functional, utilitarian addition to residential and commercial settings. This pendant...

Both functional and decorative, the Outback partners the very latest technology with classic industrial styles. A rugged guard and vintage-inspired...

A contemporary update for vintage designs, the Wallaby now features high-performance LED technology. Easily outperforming more conventional options,...

Tight areas and rooms with low ceilings have their own spatial requirements, and with its compact flush mounting, the Brisbane offers the proper dimensions...

An industrial-inspired design, the Bomber possesses the rugged edge favored by both contemporary décors and traditional spaces. Subtle curves give the...

A classic design with modern technology, the Avalon expertly partners meticulous craftsmanship, eye-catching styles, and efficient LEDs. With its sleek...

Representing classic styles and the latest technology, the Wilcox LED Stem Mount Pendant reimagines traditional warehouse shades by integrating high-tech...

With a high performance yet still energy efficient LED module integrated into its structure, the Bullet Flush Mount Light elevates commercial décors as a...

Timeless lighting with cutting-edge technology, the Dominion unites functionality and style in a single design. Initially, these shades were used in rugged...

Mindful of its aesthetic and practical purposes, the Marathon’s innovative design partners a handcrafted shade, versatile mounting, and fully integrated LED...

Best described as a partnership between technology, craftsmanship, and design, the Sinclair is an ideal lighting option for homes and businesses. By...

Incredibly versatile and indescribably stylish, the Conoco features a timeless appearance, sturdy mounting, and innovative technology. State-of-the-art LED...

A modern update to vintage lights, the Union integrates cutting-edge LED technology into its stylish design. LED components, the most efficient option...

The Aero LED Stem Mount provides warm touches of illumination and an elevated appearance to every space — indoors or out! Far more efficient than standard...

What should I consider when selecting an outdoor flush mount light?

As a source of illumination and style for undersized spaces, outdoor flush mount fixtures are integral additions to an exterior lighting plan. Before selecting fixtures for your space, consider the following factors:

  • Overall Clearance and Height of the Ceiling: Because these lights will be mounted to ceilings, it’s important to determine a space’s dimensions. Some flush mount pendants, like bulkhead lights, feature narrow profiles, and can be mounted to almost any ceiling regardless of its height. Other fixtures incorporate larger shades which lowers their projection from the mounting surface.
  • Damp vs. Wet Location: Wet locations are areas where lighting fixtures are directly exposed to all types of precipitation: rain, snow, etc. Damp settings are defined as areas with moisture or humidity in the air, but not direct contact with water. Screened porches and well-covered front porches are often considered damp settings. Because flush mounts conceal their wires and electrical components behind rugged metal mounts and/or glass guards, there are many different options for both types of locations.
  • Style and Customization Options: To help exterior décors adopt a truly unique aesthetic, our flush mount lights are easy to customize. That means all finishes, shade styles, and other accessories can be tailored to complement a space’s exact style!

How does flush mount lighting function in outdoor spaces? What styles are available?

Character matters when establishing a home or business’s curb appeal. Thanks to their smaller stature, flush mount lights provide the extra aesthetic details that can elevate an outdoor décor. To complement any building’s previously established décor, various shade and lighting styles are available with this space-saving mounting.

  • Bulkhead Fixtures and Other Nautical Designs
  • RLM shades and Barn-Style Lighting
  • Rugged Industrial Lights
  • New Contemporary Styles

What’s the difference between a flush mount pendant and a semi-flush mount light?

There are two basic categories of flush mount lighting to consider for outdoor settings. Designed for areas with ceilings where other mounting styles, such as cord pendant lights, would hang too low, standard flush mount lights rest directly against the ceiling. For spaces with more clearance, semi-flush lights slightly suspend the shade from the ceiling while still providing the aesthetic and practical benefits associated with the mounting.