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Equipped with a durable stem mounting, these LED pendant lights are intended for both interior and exterior applications. Expertly constructed and designed, LED stem mounts produce light with unprecedented efficiency while demonstrating the latest styles. Fully customizable and entirely made-to-order! Read More »

Uniting iconic styles with advanced LED technology, The Original™ is an integral addition to residential and commercial lighting plans. About 85% more...

Rugged, industrial pendant lights are now made with the latest LED technology! The Old Dixie Stem Mount LED Pendant is a sturdy light, meant to stand up to...

Oversized and eye-catching, The Original™ contributes plenty of character and illumination to interior and exterior décors. Based on vintage fixtures, this...

Ingrained with a classic style, the Wesco Stem Mount LED Light is outfitted with modern technology. By integrating LED technology directly into the fixture...

Energy efficient with Mid-Century style, the Industrial Loft LED Double Pendant is not your basic, big-box-store fixture. Inspired by nautical ship lights,...

Too often exterior lighting blends into its setting, providing illumination but not enhancing the style of your space. The Laramie Stem Mount Pendant is...

The Drake Stem Mount LED Pendant is a melding of two worlds: the efficiency of LED lighting and the style of industrial lighting. The design of this ceiling...

Inspired by contemporary trends, the Venice Cylinder Pendant immediately elevates residential and commercial décors. With its clean modern lines, the Venice...

While other fixtures used for primary lighting in commercial settings lack a sense of style, this high lumen light adopts a classic look. To create this...

Sleek warehouse lighting gets a modern upgrade! The Universal warehouse shade has been enhanced with the latest LED components offered by Cree, a company at...

With its striking profile and contemporary lines, the Milan Cylinder Pendant is a transformative addition to residential and commercial décors. Embodying...

Charming schoolhouse lights will give your space a brand-new dimension! The soft light provided by the schoolhouse shades is enhanced by the integrated LED...

Packed with industrial style, the Blue Collar LED Stem Mount Pendant is a utilitarian fixture that still brings plenty of style. Boasting a rugged stem...

The fun style of the Starfire Radial Wave Reflector Stem Light has been given an LED upgrade! With the latest technology provided by Cree, a company at...

Projecting a focused beam of light, the Wesco’s deep bowl shade harkens back to fixtures prominent in early 20th century warehouses. At that time, pendant...

Incredibly stylish and astonishingly efficient, this pendant light embraces timeless influences and the very latest technology. Combining a heavy-duty...

Among the most durable fixtures we manufacture, the Ashland calls on vintage lights for inspiration. American made and hand crafted from high quality...

This LED warehouse pendant features a flared shade for plenty of downlighting along with horizontal vents in the neck that provide an interesting play of...

Blending the look of vintage lighting with the latest technology, the Sydney combines the ruggedness of stem mount industrial pendants with LED components...

From accentuating commercial signs to providing a source of general illumination, the Bullet Stem Mount Light fulfills numerous obligations in modern...

Our American-made lighting replicates vintage fixtures both in terms of style and durability. Reminiscent of the fixtures first installed in barns,...

Carrying the nautical aesthetic popular in beach houses and oceanfront properties, the Starfire employs a fluted warehouse shade. Hung from a rugged stem...

Hand-crafted from commercial grade materials, this industrial LED pendant features a shallow flared shade and rustic cast guard and glass body reminiscent...

The Brisbane LED Stem Mount Pendant evokes antique explosion proof lighting with its shallow bowl shade and LED integrated guard and glass. Suitable for...

Why are Barn Light’s Stem Mount LED Lights special?

Epitomizing the spirit of contemporary design, our assortment of LED stem mount pendants partners state-of-the-art technology with timeless lighting styles. To create these long-lasting fixtures, LED components are incorporated directly into the shades’ structures. This integration allows for far greater efficiency and a longer lifespan than standard incandescent lighting. The components used in our LED stem mount lights produce around 50,000 hours of illumination while remaining one of the most efficient lighting options available.

What are the benefits of LED stem mount lights?

By requiring less electricity to brighten a room, LED stem mounts provide substantial benefits to residential and commercial spaces. Installing LED lights throughout an entire home or commercial venue offers significant savings on power costs. This also makes LED fixtures more environmentally friendly lighting options.

Along with the reductions in energy use, multiple lumen options and color temperatures let home and business owners dictate the light’s brightness and overall feel, giving every space its perfect mood and atmosphere.

Why are LED Stem Lights more durable than other options?

When this cutting-edge technology is coupled with the high-quality craftsmanship synonymous with Barn Light Electric, LED pendant lighting becomes an enduring addition to any décor. The shade’s durability comes from commercial grade materials and our meticulous construction procedures. Each RLM shade is spun by hand in our Central Florida-based manufacturing facility — a process that ingrains a sense of dependability directly into the fixture.

The stem mounting itself increases the pendant’s durability. With the wiring tucked behind a sturdy metal stem, these pendant lights are capable of installation in nearly every location — including exterior spaces and high traffic businesses.

Are these lights customizable?

Thanks to the hand-crafted process, our LED stem mounts are entirely made-to-order and fully customizable. With numerous powder coat finishes, including playful colors and neutral hues, these fixtures adapt to any space’s aesthetic requirements. For a classic appearance, a galvanized finish for the stem helps the pendant adhere to contemporary styles while a uniform look is obtained with a finish color matching the fixture. Select fixtures are available with sophisticated copper and brass shades and mountings.

What are some styles available as LED stem mount lighting?

With influences from barns and other rustic settings, many stem mount lights incorporate traditional RLM shades. This look pairs well with the increasingly popular modern farmhouse style, as well as contemporary industrial spaces and more classic designs. Commercial settings often turn to RLM fixtures because their familiar shapes lend a sense of timelessness to a business’s décor.

Other stem mount lights embrace classic schoolhouse shades. While this style looks to historic fixtures for inspiration, schoolhouse lights remain favorites of contemporary designers. This is largely due to their innate ability to appear traditional while still conveying playful modern sensibilities.

Guard and glass fixtures can also be mounted to durable stems. Taking cues from nautical and industrial settings, these pendants put the finishing touches on rugged modern décors — in both residential and commercial applications.

See our full selection of LED barn lights to complete your home décor.