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LED Lighting from Barn Light Electric is hand-crafted and offers uniquely fashionable aesthetics. Compact LED modules are integrated directly into the fixture to provide energy efficient illumination. Elevate residential and commercial spaces with fashionable, environmentally friendly LED lights!

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Often, the fixtures that meet strict energy codes are plain, unassuming, and fade into the background of a décor. By partnering the latest LED technology...

Drawing inspiration from salvaged factory lighting, the Chicago Vintage Industrial LED Stem Mount Pendant features a rounded shade, sturdy mounting, and...

Modern, stylish, and incredibly efficient: The Loma partners cutting-edge LED technology with eye-catching contemporary styles. Aesthetically, this...

With its rounded dome shade and elevated playfulness, the Loma demonstrates the contemporary characteristics desired in many homes and businesses. The Loma...

Although based on vintage lights, the Bomber still feels strikingly modern and relevant to today’s homes and businesses. This timelessness is due to the...

A true meeting of two worlds, the Esso Wall Sconce updates classic styles with innovative LED lighting. This high-performance technology is integrated into...

With influences from early 20th-century lighting, the Rochester demonstrates a timeless character and rugged appeal. Authentic industrial components like an...

The integrity of American made lighting coupled with powerful LED technology—this pendant is ideal for homes and businesses! Manufactured by hand, the Esso...

Our modern lights recreate the fixtures first found in gas stations and factories while adding contemporary flourishes and the latest technology. In this...

Industrial designs and modern technology, the Aero contributes touches of style to both residential and commercial spaces. This versatile look finds...

Evocative of early 20th-century factory lighting, the Bridgeport was designed for spaces seeking a rugged, vintage look and the latest technology. Although...

Recreating the craftsmanship and styles of vintage manufacturers, the Union presents a timeless look and elevated character. Sleek lines and subtle curves...

While rugged styles have grown popular in recent years, the Dino’s aesthetic dates back to the early 20th century. Just like vintage lights, a metal guard...

The Marathon incorporates high-performance technology and durable components, but it’s more than just a practical addition to a space. With its shallow bowl...

Traditional warehouse lighting with a country flair, the Laramie LED Wall Sconce is perfect for homes or businesses seeking a farmhouse look. With the...

A versatile design, the Egg features an understated yet eye-catching aesthetic, high-performance technology, and a slight stem mounting. The pendant’s...

Successfully balancing performance and aesthetics, the Chicago recreates vintage industrial fixtures with a modern technology. Integrating LED components...

By fitting a nautical guard to a timeless shallow bowl shade, the Dominion features the rugged edge sought by both contemporary and traditional spaces. A...

A functional pendant that doesn’t sacrifice style, the Sterling joins state-to-of-the-art technology and classic warehouse lighting. Adhering to the latest...

With its streamlined style and high-performance technology, the Avalon embraces vintage influences without appearing dated. Instead, its rugged, nautical...

Rugged flourishes, state-of-the-art technology, and classic styles combine to create this versatile pendant light. The deep bowl shade is the ideal vessel...

Known for its clean modern lines and classic sensibilities, the Sterling offers an eye-catching aesthetic to homes and businesses. By recalling timeless RLM...

Through its sleek, modern lines and grounded profile, the Union articulates a timeless look. A nautical guard adds a rugged edge to this design. This...

What is LED Lighting?

Once favored by commercial and industrial venues, LED lighting is now an affordable, stylish, and convenient option for residential spaces too. Integrating the latest LED technology directly into the shades and fixtures maximizes their performance. Because they require significantly less electricity to brighten homes and businesses than other sources of light, LED fixtures are energy efficient, environmentally friendly, and budget conscious.

What makes LED Lighting different from other options?

Typically celebrated for their efficiency, there are innumerable benefits to incorporating LED lights into homes and businesses. Unlike more traditional lighting options, LED fixtures let you control the overall look and feel of the light the modules produce. With this unprecedented versatility, LED lights are capable of performing every residential and commercial application.

LED Terminology and Features

  • What are lumens? Lumens measure the brightness of the light the fixture emits; the higher the lumen package, the brighter the light.
  • What is the color temperature? The color temperature determines the overall “feel” of the light — its warmth or coolness. Certain temperatures correlate with the look of incandescent bulbs, and others are reminiscent of natural lighting. Warmer color temperatures are used for ambience and general illumination in residential settings, while the cooler tones are perceived as brighter and make offices feel more productive.
  • What is luminous efficacy? A measure for an LED fixture's ability to produce visible light.
  • How long does LED lighting typically last? Integrated directly into the fixture, LED modules typically produce about 50,000 hours of illumination. That’s around five and a half years of continuous light!

Types of LED fixtures and Room Usage

Thanks to manufacturers like Barn Light Electric incorporating LED modules into their established shade designs, LED lights are now available in the various styles popular today. Nearly every shade and fixture can accommodate LED technology, letting these lights elevate both contemporary and traditional decors:

  • LED Pendant Lights and other LED Ceiling Lighting: With mountings for indoor and outdoor usage, these ceiling lights contribute an elevated look and ample illumination. Commonly found in residential kitchens and porches and businesses like restaurants and boutique stores. Hanging in entryways or above tables, LED chandeliers make a bold statement to define a room’s aesthetic.
  • Gooseneck LED Lighting: Historically used for utilitarian purposes in exterior locations, many contemporary designers incorporate these fixtures into large, open indoor spaces for extra touches of character and style. Use an LED gooseneck light as a creative choice to brighten the table in breakfast nooks, or let them fulfill their typical role of illuminating sidewalks, garages, and other outdoor spaces.
  • LED Wall Sconces: Intended for undersized spaces, LED wall sconces offer space-saving profiles and plenty of style. Common in both interior and exterior settings, these fixtures welcome guests to homes on front porches, illuminate hallways, and elevate bathroom décors.
  • Commercial LED lighting: LED lighting offers an energy-efficient and color accurate system that is perfect for many different commercial buildings, including retail, hospitality, museums, and restaurants. Installed in parking lots or bordering sidewalks and other walkways, LED Post Mount Lights brighten outdoor spaces to help them appear safer and more hospitable. LED sign lights accentuate corporate logos, decorative awnings, and other identifying features, along with menu boards and products on the shelves. Because LED lights offer unprecedented life spans, they substantially reduce maintenance costs and time traditionally associated with lighting.