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Combining all of the style of our vintage-inspired pendant lights with the latest in LED technology, this collection of Flush Mount LED Pendants offers loads of energy efficiency for every tight space. These ceiling-hugging flush mounts are easy to customize so you can create an eye-catching fixture for hallways, bathrooms, closets and more!

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Uniting iconic styles with advanced LED technology, The Original™ is an integral addition to residential and commercial lighting plans. About 85% more...

Channeling vintage lights, this versatile sconce features a simple yet eye-catching aesthetic. A versatile design, this fixture can be mounted to both walls...

In the 1920s, lighting manufacturers began concealing bulbs behind charming glass shades. This style has persisted into the modern era, perhaps due to its...

With its compact flush mounting and LED components, the Sydney is a functional, utilitarian addition to residential and commercial settings. This pendant...

Both functional and decorative, the Outback partners the very latest technology with classic industrial styles. A rugged guard and vintage-inspired...

A contemporary update for vintage designs, the Wallaby now features high-performance LED technology. Easily outperforming more conventional options,...

Tight areas and rooms with low ceilings have their own spatial requirements, and with its compact flush mounting, the Brisbane offers the proper dimensions...

An industrial-inspired design, the Bomber possesses the rugged edge favored by both contemporary décors and traditional spaces. Subtle curves give the...

A classic design with modern technology, the Avalon expertly partners meticulous craftsmanship, eye-catching styles, and efficient LEDs. With its sleek...

Representing classic styles and the latest technology, the Wilcox LED Stem Mount Pendant reimagines traditional warehouse shades by integrating high-tech...

Timeless lighting with cutting-edge technology, the Dominion unites functionality and style in a single design. Initially, these shades were used in rugged...

With a high performance yet still energy efficient LED module integrated into its structure, the Bullet Flush Mount Light elevates commercial décors as a...

Mindful of its aesthetic and practical purposes, the Marathon’s innovative design partners a handcrafted shade, versatile mounting, and fully integrated LED...

Incredibly versatile and indescribably stylish, the Conoco features a timeless appearance, sturdy mounting, and innovative technology. State-of-the-art LED...

Best described as a partnership between technology, craftsmanship, and design, the Sinclair is an ideal lighting option for homes and businesses. By...

A modern update to vintage lights, the Union integrates cutting-edge LED technology into its stylish design. LED components, the most efficient option...

The Aero LED Stem Mount provides warm touches of illumination and an elevated appearance to every space — indoors or out! Far more efficient than standard...

Still packed with plenty of vintage charm, this pendant light is updated with integrated LED technology. These high-performance components can produce...

The integrity of American made lighting coupled with powerful LED technology—this pendant is ideal for homes and businesses! Manufactured by hand, the Esso...

A functional pendant that doesn’t sacrifice style, the Sterling joins state-to-of-the-art technology and classic warehouse lighting. Adhering to the latest...

With its straightforward lines and integrated LEDs, the Dino offers plenty of modern appeal while closely adhering to vintage designs. The pendant’s LED...

Why should homes and businesses replace standard fixtures with LED lights?

Replacing standard incandescent or CFL bulbs with integrated LED lights offers numerous benefits to both homeowners and business owners. From traditionally-decorated homes to contemporary businesses, our array of LED flush mount lights provides a finishing touch for residential and commercial spaces.

With the latest, cutting-edge technology, LED components are integrated directly into the fixture’s structure. Renowned for their energy efficiency and environmentally friendly profile, our Flush Mount LED Lights emit about 50,000 hours of continuous light requiring little electricity to brighten a room. Reducing a space’s energy consumption is additionally beneficial to the environment and help homes and businesses meet “green” building codes.

Multiple lumen options and color temperatures are available which give home and business owners the opportunity to control the look and feel of the illumination. As general lighting, these LED modules are capable of emitting a warm, natural light, reminiscent of incandescent bulbs, or they can produce a cooler, blue light to accentuate specific features.

Where are Flush Mount LED Lights used?

Flush Mount LED Lights feature a compact profile making them suitable for small spaces or in rooms with low ceilings. Hallways, bathrooms, powder rooms, laundry rooms, and closets all benefit from a ceiling-hugging, flush mount light.

These fixtures are also suited to a number of décors including farmhouse-style homes, industrial city lofts, contemporary condos, or coastal cottages. Just like all of Barn Light Electric’s lighting, these fixtures are handspun from commercial grade materials and finished by hand with careful attention to every detail. This process imbues our Flush Mount LED Lighting with the dependability not found in other contemporary fixtures. When partnered with the longevity of LEDs, these Flush Mount Lights become a lasting decorative feature for any home or business.

Is Flush Mount LED Lighting customizable?

Because we handcraft our lighting, this collection of Flush Mount LED Lights is easy to customize to suit most any space. Perfect for both interior and exterior lighting applications, choose from an assortment of powder coat finish colors along with other options such