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American-made chandeliers give your space an instant focal point! Hand-crafted with careful attention to detail, our assortment of chandeliers can be customized to suit both residential and commercial needs! From traditional barn and schoolhouse styles to modern, industrial, and nautical designs!

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The Insider’s two nautical guard-and-glass pendants are fixed to a track-style mounting, lending a modern look to kitchens, dining rooms, and commercial...

The sleek RLM warehouse shades and steel piping offered by other lighting fixtures in the Lafayette collection is now available in a multi-light chandelier....

Inspired by the styles found in New York’s SoHo district, the Canal features a straightforward appearance. The chandelier’s pared-down aesthetic embraces...

Hanging either three or five deep bowl shades from a single chain mounting, the Cairo Chandelier gifts your home or business with the timeless style of...

Make a dramatic statement with the oversized Vanguard 8-Light Chandelier. Grabbing the attention wherever it's installed, this lighting fixture will light...

A contemporary yet timeless design, the Marathon SoHo Chandelier offers an elevated industrial aesthetic to any home or business. Two shallow shades are...

Chic yet industrial, the Marathon SoHo 4-Light Chandelier functions as an eye-catching statement piece in both residential and commercial lighting...

Modeled after historic chandeliers, the Maven features industrial elements that translate perfectly into modern décors. Eight sockets are mounted to a large...

Rustic yet refined, this ceiling light features a unique style that complements both contemporary and traditional décors. Five bare bulb pendants are...

In this unique lighting design, a simple wooden accent completely reimagines classic styles. By incorporating a natural material, this chandelier discovers...

Durable, high-performance lighting is essential in large commercial areas like the breezeways in amphitheaters and arenas. With its modern technology and...

Classic yet contemporary, the Parabolic Linear 12-Light Chandelier features a striking yet straightforward appearance. Affixing twelve round shades to a...

With its large-scale profile, the Parabolic Linear Chandelier makes a bold statement in nearly any setting. While eye-catching, the Parabolic centers its...

Modern minimalist lighting is partnered with natural building materials reinterpreting a timeless style. Three bare bulb pendants, each embellished with a...

Upcycling the tops of retired acetylene tanks as pendants, the Mig provides homes and businesses with an authentic industrial character. Clustered together,...

With its elevated industrial character, the Maven becomes an instant statement piece in residential and commercial settings. This eye-catching design...

Thanks to its innovative design and expert construction, the Touchdown is integral in expansive, open commercial facilities. As a powerful yet efficient...

An imaginative yet rugged aesthetic, the Mig is made from upcycled acetylene tank tops. Two pendants are used in this design, letting this ceiling light...

Decorative with a genuine industrial edge, the Mig can put the finishing touches on residential and commercial décors. Creatively repurposed as lighting...

As a useful source of general illumination, the Gridiron mounts two fixtures to the same structure. Highly efficient LED modules, contained within the...

To produce the illumination necessary for expansive commercial settings, the Kickoff 2-Light Pendant consolidates two state-of-the-art  technology...

Developed as a powerful source of primary lighting, the Goalie embraces cutting-edge technology and vintage industrial designs. Two shades produce ample...

What are chandeliers?

Bold, dramatic, and eye-catching: chandeliers are included in residential and commercial spaces to make a statement. Unlike other mountings and styles of lights, chandeliers almost always incorporate multiple fixtures into their designs. With their visually striking aesthetics, chandelier lighting completely transform a space. Serving as the jumping off point for a décor, rooms can be entirely styled around a chandelier, or these ceiling lights can put the finishing touches on already established designs.

What are some common chandelier styles?

Although typically thought of as grand and elegant, chandeliers are offered in a diverse array of styles, ranging from casual and contemporary to more formal aesthetics.

  • Barn chandeliers incorporate multiple RLM style shades for a relaxed, vintage-inspired look. These shades are often coated in porcelain — a manufacturing technique dating back to historic lighting companies. However, for a more sophisticated style, solid copper or brass are used in the shade’s construction.
  • Taking design cues from factories and warehouses, industrial chandeliers incorporate rugged details to create an elevated contemporary style. To establish their unique character, these lights feature cast guards, wire cages, and other rustic flourishes. Galvanized finishes are commonly used to further amplify the industrial appearance, while bright and lively hues imbue these chandeliers with modern playfulness.
  • Schoolhouse chandeliers affix multiple glass globe shades to a single mounting. First used in public buildings, schoolhouse style lights demonstrate a sophisticate style while still fitting in with relaxed contemporary décors.
  • Multi light chandeliers or pendant chandeliers hang several fixtures from a single ceiling mounting. To let homeowners and professionals get creative, these individual pendants are adjustable to different lengths for truly unique and eye-catching displays.
  • Minimalist chandeliers: These ceiling lights remove shades from their structure, and instead present a bare bulb look. Minimalist chandeliers subtly steal attention with lively finish colors, unique designs, and materials like copper and brass.