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Dedicated to the preservation of antique lighting, we proudly carry a collection of authentic porcelain enamel shades, holophane glass pendants, and architectural brass lighting. Each vintage light is carefully cleaned, rewired, and refurbished before listing. Antique light fixtures are true originals! Read More »

This vintage wall light has a ribbed glass encasement that’s surrounded by a solid brass frame. Together these pieces create an Art Deco style wall...

14" Vintage Crouse-Hinds Galvanized and White Porcelain Explosion Proof Shade First installed in factories and other industrial settings, this Vintage...
2 item(s)

Pairing nickel or brass sockets with a ruffled bell shade — along with authentic cotton twist cords — vintage holophane lights insert old-world...
1 item(s)

Once found on airport runways, this vintage lighting features a blue ribbed glass shade and can add a bold focal point to residential and commercial spaces....
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Originally manufactured by Urban Archeology, this vintage holophane lights has limited blemishes. This pendant lighting is the perfect addition to...
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Information: Shade: 8" Military Porcelain Reflector Shade with Paddle Switch Finish: Olive Drab Green Exterior Porcelain White Interior...
7 item(s)

This unique vintage light was salvaged right around the corner from our Barn Light Headquarters located right on the Space Coast. Once used by NASA to track...
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Information: Finish: Polished Chrome Fixture Height: 6 1/2" Fixture Length: 12" Fixture Projection: 11" Wattage: 60W...
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$1,095.00 $604.00

Information: Finish:  Polished Chrome Fixture Height: 21" Fixture Width: 9" Watt:  100 Watt Incandescent Glass: Multiple...
1 item(s)
$800.00 $436.00

Information: Finish:  Polished Chrome Fixture Height: 25" Fixture Width:  11 3/4" Watt:  100 Watt Incandescent (2 Sockets | Bulbs...
2 item(s)
$2,950.00 $1,624.00

 These Vintage Glass Dodecahedrons are hand-blown and were designed by Italian Architect Gio Ponti. These beautiful glass fixtures were designed...
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Information: Finish:  Polished Chrome Fixture Height: 17 3/4" Fixture Width: 9" Canopy Width: 5" Watt:  100 Watt...
1 item(s)
$800.00 $440.00

We salvaged these gas station lights then refurbished them, restoring their past glory. Now gas station lighting is capable of bringing its classic style to...
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Information: Finish: Architectural Bronze Fixture Height: 9" Fixture Width: 5" Watt:  100 Watt Incandescent Medium Base...
2 item(s)
$420.00 $233.00

18" Benjamin® Explosion Proof Shade This Vintage 18" Benjamin® Industrial Shade is industrial/heavy duty and is in good-fair condition. The...
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Information: Finish:  Polished Chrome Fixture Height:  18" Fixture Width: 3" Watt: 60 Watt Incandescent Candelabra Base...
1 item(s)
$1,565.00 $863.00

Information: Finish:  Polished Chrome Fixture Height: 8 1/4" Fixture Width: 4" Watt: 60 Watt Incandescent Candelabra Base...
1 item(s)
$2,310.00 $1,272.00

Information: Finish:  Polished Chrome Fixture Height:  10 1/2" Fixture Width: 4 1/2" Watt:  100 Watt Incandescent Glass:...
1 item(s)
$490.00 $271.00

The Desert-Air Lamp Company Heat Lamp is an authentic vintage floor lamp with original wiring, cord, and manufacturing stickers. Rugged enough for...
1 item(s)

Information: Finish:  Polished Brass Fixture Height: 23 1/4" Fixture Width: 4" Watt: 60 Watt T-10 Medium Base UL...
1 item(s)
$2,310.00 $1,272.00

Derived from a candelabra style floor lamp in the 17th century, this Torchiere lamp would make a perfect choice to bring to light your favorite reading...
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Information: Finish:  Polished Chrome Fixture Height: 9 3/4" Fixture Width:  12" Watt: 60 Watt Incandescent Candelabra Base...
1 item(s)
$2,890.00 $1,591.00

Information: Finish: Satin Nickel Length: 24 3/8" Width: 3 1/2" Height: 3 3/4" Note: Hardware NOT included...
1 item(s)
$615.00 $339.00

Originally designed for installation in hazardous locations such as warehouses and factories, the Vintage Crouse-Hinds Explosion Proof Angle Shade can now...
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What is Antique Lighting?

Originally manufactured in the early 20th century, antique lights feature some of the very first shades, styles, and designs ever created. Crafted in a time when quality meant more than quantity, many of these vintage lights remain in service today.

Our collection of antique lighting includes many of the styles popular in the early century. Each antique fixture has been rewired for safety and exhibit many details that show the character from years of service.

Types of Antique Lighting Fixtures

Antique lighting consists of some of the most classic vintage styles including:

  • Explosion proof lighting
  • Industrial lamps
  • Polished chrome & architectural brass lighting
  • Gas station lights
  • Porcelain reflector shades
  • Runway lighting

Room Usage

Antique lights are suitable for use in both residential and commercial settings. Including these historic fixtures offers an elevated vintage character, completely unique from modern alternatives. Vintage lighting is commonly installed in:

  • Living spaces
  • Dining rooms
  • Kitchens
  • Offices
  • Restaurants
  • Boutique retail stores

Antique lighting gets an extra dose of vintage style with the use of nostalgic Edison style light bulbs.