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Steber Chain Mount Lights deliver the touch of industrial character, imparted by a rugged mounting, sought by many modern spaces! Inspired by old-world styles and historic manufacturing techniques, our signature porcelain enamel gives the ceiling lights a unique durable-yet-glistening surface!

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What is chain mount lighting?

Contemporary industrial styles are best described as a partnership between chic designs and rugged flourishes. To create lighting for this style, the Steber Collection hangs classic RLM shades from a rustic chain mounting, and for a touch of color, weaves its cord through the chain’s loops. This helps commercial settings like restaurants, retail stores, and coffee shops achieve an elevated contemporary décor. Converted loft apartments and newly constructed houses also incorporate chain hung pendants to obtain the aesthetic desired in modern architecture.

Despite representing the latest trends, the styles found in the Steber Collection have an established history in the lighting industry, and modern chain hung lighting takes inspiration from vintage fixtures. Originally, these lights were designed to withstand installation in facilities like warehouses and factories. The chain hints at these industrial origins while retaining the looks preferred by modern designers. With these traditional influences, chain mount lights provide an authentic character to the fashionable farmhouse look.

How are porcelain chain mount lights constructed?

Chain mount pendants’ industrial influences don’t end with their aesthetics. The construction of modern RLM shades successfully reproduces the high quality of the originals. To create these hand-crafted shades, the manufacturing process begins as round disks are stamped from flat pieces of commercial grade steel. The disks are spun on a lathe and carefully manipulated around a mold until the metal assumes the shade’s familiar shape. By closely paying attention to the minor details as the lights are constructed, we’re able to ensure a level of dependability not offered by other manufacturing techniques.

However, to make our chain lights truly unique, our fixtures are coated with multiple layers of porcelain enamel. Known for its durability and high-gloss properties, porcelain protects the shades from the conditions they face in interior and exterior locations, along with high-volume commercial spaces. The porcelain’s glistening appearance brilliantly conveys color, providing uniqueness to a building’s curb appeal. An abundance of finish colors, ranging from vibrant and lively to more subdued options, provides the perfect look for every space.

Are chain mounts good for swag lighting?

Chain mount pendants are the ideal fixtures for swag lighting. In spaces with awkwardly positioned electrical boxes, a swag light can position the shade in the middle of dining room or kitchen tables without re-wiring the room!

Where are chain hung pendants typically installed?

As general illumination, these ceiling lights are frequently used to distribute light through large commercial spaces like retail stores, breweries, and franchise restaurants. In residential settings, pendants are used for a similar purpose, and these lights are often included in large living spaces and entryways. For just a hint of industrial character, multiple chain hung ceiling lights are suspended above kitchen islands or bars in restaurants. A single pendant perched over a dining room or kitchen table perfectly brightens the space, while in restaurants these lights help individual booths and tables appear welcoming.