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To illuminate outdoor spaces like public parks and parking lots, LED post top lights present familiar styles and contain powerful LED components. Celebrated for their efficiency, the integrated LEDs are both budget and environmentally friendly! Create a one-of-a-kind look with numerous customization options! Read More »

Why are Post Top Fixtures important in outdoor spaces?

Outdoor locations like parking lots, public parks, and sprawling residential properties require multiple sources of light, but most of the fixtures used to illuminate these settings are plain, utilitarian, and lack a basic aesthetic purpose. To remedy this, our collection of post top lights discovers inspiration in vintage lighting styles. Timeless RLM (Reflective Luminaire Manufacturer) shades are affixed to curved arms and mounted to posts. The character supplied by these lights grounds outdoor spaces and elevates a venue’s curb appeal.

Along with these aesthetic benefits, post top lights prevent outdoor settings from appearing overly dark, and instead helps them feel brighter, safer, and more secure during the night. With well-lit exterior spaces, businesses attract attention from pedestrians and passing cars and houses are distinguished from its neighbors.

Are Post Top Lights available with LEDs?

To create efficient sources of light, cutting-edge LED components are integrated into these fixtures’ shades. This innovative design produces illumination with unparalleled efficiency, reducing the energy costs and maintenance requirements associated with lighting. About 50,000 continuous hours of light are emitted by these fixtures, and very little electricity is consumed as they illuminate rooms. In addition to this efficiency, multiple lumen options and color temperatures provide the perfect amount of brightness and proper feel for the light.

How are LED Post Top Lights constructed?

Demonstrating a sincere commitment to quality, our LED Post Top Lighting epitomizes American craftsmanship. Our manufacturing process starts with commercial grade aluminum, copper, or brass. The metal is skillfully manipulated around a mold by hand until it assumes the shape of RLM lighting. This imbues our shades with durability not offered by other fixtures.

Entirely made-to-order, it’s easy to create a truly custom aesthetic for homes and businesses. Multiple finish options — including powder coat and unique finishes for copper and brass — let these outdoor LED post lights adapt to nearly every space’s decorative mindset. Rugged guards and wire cages contribute hints of industrial character to the fixture’s design.

What are some residential and commercial applications for LED Post Top Lighting?

  • Brightening long driveways on vast residential properties and farms
  • Providing light for decks, outdoor seating areas, and fire pits
  • Making commercial sidewalks and parking lots feel safer and more secure
  • Illuminating public parks
  • Bringing light to gardens and patios
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