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Warehouse Pendants Boost Rustic Ambiance at NC Restaurant

Asheville, North Carolina is fast becoming the South’s premier foodie destination. Dozens of unique restaurants dot the downtown area as well as outlying neighborhoods with many focusing on locally grown ingredients. One of the local favorites is Stone Ridge Tavern, a family-owned operation just a few miles from downtown. An enormous stone fireplace frames the dining room which includes towering cedar trees and two large waterfalls that are alive with turtles, frogs, and fish. While many diners enjoy the mountain lodge atmosphere, the outdoor dining area is also quite popular and features some classic warehouse shades that give a nod to the country feel of the place.

These shades closely resemble our Barn Light Warehouse Pendant, a very affordable entry in our Barn Pendants collection of ceiling lighting. This classic light is beautifully styled and can be fully customized to fit your home or business decor much like these at Stone Ridge. These fixtures have a bronze finish and are fitted with a wire cage giving the light a rustic edge that blends well with the ambiance of the restaurant.

The Barn Light Warehouse Pendant comes in four shade sizes and more than four dozen finish colors ranging from traditional shades of black, galvanized, and bronze to more colorful finishes like bright yellow, cruiser green, or trans red. You may further customize your light by adding a wire cage. The cage can match your finish color like these at Stone Ridge or pick a contrasting color for an eye-catching effect. A cast guard and glass are also available for this fixture in a variety of colors and textures.

If you plan to hang your new warehouse shade in a wet location, be sure to choose a stem mount; cord hung mounts are perfect for interior applications. For an even more creative mounting option, check out the Industrial Twist Cord Warehouse Pendant, a very affordable warehouse shade with your choice of colored cotton twist cord!

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