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Vintage Appleton™ Pendants Rewired, Restored for Modern Use

Designers,  homeowners, and even business owners the world over seem to be in a vintage tizzy. Anything old is a hot commodity and the lighting industry is no exception. A web search of vintage lighting brings up a host of fixtures from bygone eras that offer a timeless sense of style. Gone are the days when everything in your décor has to match. A modern loft in New York brimming with glass and metal may be accented with Art Deco wall sconces, while a ranch-style home in Memphis may feature gas station lights from the 1940s along the driveway.

Commercial venues also utilize vintage lighting not only for the distinctive look it brings, but also because vintage lights were simply made to last. Crafted in times when quality meant more than quantity, vintage lights were often made from the strongest, most durable materials available at the time. The disposable society had yet to emerge and lighting was purchased to last not for several years but for several generations.


This Vintage Caged Appleton™ Gasketed Light is a prime example of a fixture that has stood the test of time. Originally manufactured for damp and hazardous locations such as warehouses and manufacturing facilities, this vintage stem mount pendant is 14″ high, features a galvanized finish, and can handle up to a 200 watt bulb. With its wire cage, the fixture throws light in every direction and would be a unique piece in any workshop, garage, or industrial setting that needs rugged lighting. Like all our vintage lights, this fixture has been rewired and comes ready to install.

The Appleton name has been associated with quality electrical products since Swedish immigrant Albert Appleton started his own electrical supply company in Chicago in 1903 with two employees. From its humble beginnings, the company focused on creating innovative products that helped the country move beyond gas-powered lighting and embrace the power of electricity safely and efficiently. Grab a piece of history for your space!


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