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Unique Pendant Lights for Art Deco Design

So, you’ve been itching to break away from the usual farm-like, vintage styles found around the internet and magazine world, hmm? Eventually some of it tends to blend together – farmhouse homes begin to look traditional, while modern design can be regarded as industrial. Well, there is one concept that isn’t as commonly found today anymore; we’d like to re-introduce Art Deco!

Art Deco is a style of architecture, widely popular throughout the 1920’s and 30’s. Characterized by clean, geometric lines, many of these buildings can still be viewed throughout the Miami Beach, Chicago and Detroit areas. Also a notable feature of Art Deco design is the use of strong, bold colors and finishes.

The dining room above is small but packs a big punch when it comes to color and design. The dark gray walls, hardwood floors and simple black chairs are definitely reminiscent of Art Deco design with even a touch of minimalism. Paired with the clean lines of the colorful accessories and unique décor, this is definitely a refreshing take on typical dining rooms today.

You may have even noticed the unique pendant lights over the table – they do have the ability to catch your eye right away. The spherical shape definitely fits the requirement of Art Deco design, along with its simple finish. If you have been searching for an ideal pendant such as these, you won’t want to miss our eight inch Spheres Pendant. The minimalist take on lighting is almost identical to the modern pendants shown above – featuring a clear glass globe and polished nickel accents. Drawing your inspiration from this dining room, you may choose to mount three in a row for a dynamic look, or perhaps only one for an easygoing glow.

Top Photo Courtesy of Young House Love Inspiration Gallery

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  1. Kristin

    I have 22’to 24′ vaulted ceilings in an open floor plan living room. I would like the light fixtures to hang at 10′ and 12′ from the ceiling. These come with 10′ adjustable cord. Is there extra cordage or rods available in this fixture? This is the perfect light. Thanks.

  2. Betty

    Hi Kristin — thanks for stopping by! I checked on the cording for this light and it only comes with 10 feet of cording.

  3. Melissa

    Do you have a stockist in the UK?

  4. Betty

    Hi Melissa,
    We ship to the UK and you can see information on International Shipping at this link — http://www.kb.barnlightelectric.com/international-customers/international-shipping-procedure. If you have any questions, you can reach our sales team at sales@barnlightelectric.com and they will be happy to help you!

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