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Barn Light Construction Update From Donna

I’m not sure if you have noticed my absence from the Barn Light blogging scene the past few weeks. I apologize for keeping you in suspense with our ongoing renovations, but with combining construction decisions, our very own Ashley and Michael’s wedding, and the everyday managing of a thriving business, I’ve been, well…exhausted. If you’re a follower and fan of ours on Facebook, hopefully the weekly photos were enough to keep you in the loop! However, if you’re still excited to hear what has gone on, then keep reading – there has been a lot of changes!

Week 7 saw the steel siding, metal roof and insulation go on. The new gray siding goes so well with the original teal block don’t you think? Installation of both went relatively quick, and within one or two days, we were able to finally see the full picture of how large our new space will be! Thanks to some dryer, warmer weather, the project has been moving full steam ahead since!

Our red trim was installed during Week 8 – it should go perfectly with our Barn Light Electric logo that will soon be on the front of the building. Also added to the front was the concrete pad for the future front porch/entryway into the show room. The front porch will have a galvanized roof and of course, be accented with a few of our Barn Light Outback Pendants on Stems and Angle Shade Sign Lights . Contractors also got the steel beams and floor base ready for the week ahead.

It took two to three days for the second story floor to be completed – a lot of concrete had to be brought in and spread out and I’m sure that was no easy task. The second story will have an open loft design and will look down upon our front retail space. It wll be the future offices of our Creative Department, and from what I hear, they have quite the design layout planned. Roller rink? Shuffleboard? Personal gym? I never can tell with that bunch. Stay tuned for more updates next week.

I thought I would conclude the update with a fabulous photo of the newlyweds – Congrats to Michael and Ashley Scott (courtesy of the amazing Sharlene at PhotoARTworks)!

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