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Julia Hanging Pot Rack

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Occupying the space above kitchen islands and countertops, the Julia Hanging Pot Rack is a functional and decorative addition to a kitchen. By joining a rugged metal pipe to a hand-shaped wood beam, the Julia demonstrates a versatile style equally suiting modern spaces and traditional designs. With this subtle rustic character and practical purpose, the Julia elevates a kitchen’s aesthetic while keeping cabinets and countertops well organized. Made to order by hand in the United States, there’s wood and finish options matching every space’s requirements!

  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Every piece of wood is unique with slight, natural variations such as knots and grain differences due to natural growth patterns. Therefore, no two pieces will be exactly alike!
  • Constructed from lightweight 3/4” aluminum pipe complete with fittings and two backing plates to enable ceiling mounting capabilities. 
  • 5 or 7 hanging hooks to hang cookware and utensils included with purchase
  • Intended for Indoor Use Only. 

20.2 lbs
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