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Vivianne Bench

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Outfitted with a timeless aesthetic, our Vivianne Bench supplies the fashionable finishing touches needed by every kitchen and dining room! A wooden bench seat, supported by metal 2-rod hairpin legs, establishes an evocative design that still reflects a modern decorative mentality. For a slightly more classic look, an optional backrest offers a refined character. The perfect size for breakfast nooks and kitchen tables, also consider the Vivianne for a unique seating option in living rooms and entryways.

Beautifully crafted and finished by hand, the Vivianne adopts anyone’s particular aesthetic preferences. Natural stains and the glossy sheen accentuate the wood’s organic warmth, while the distressed and gray wash stains and matte sheen mimic the look of reclaimed wood. Subdued finishes, like white and black, emphasize the wood, while brighter options discover a more playful, contemporary aesthetic!

  • Seat and optional backrest are made from one piece of natural solid wood.
  • Every piece of wood is unique with slight, natural variations such as knots and grain differences due to natural growth patterns. Therefore, no two pieces will be exactly alike!
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Read more about our Vivianne Bench on our blog
  • Intended for Indoor Use Only

24.6 lbs
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