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Dining Room

The Audrey Stool

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Evocative of classic midcentury designs, the Audrey Stool contributes a subtle hint of character to any residential décor! Aesthetically, this stool centers its look on three metal hairpin legs and an ergonomically designed wood seat. The seat’s unique shape gives the Audrey its refined appearance, while still prioritizing comfort.

Evincing our carpenters’ talents, a single piece of lumber is artfully hand-carved to create the seat’s design. Several wood options provide their natural warmth to the Audrey, and different finishes, ranging from subdued to bright and lively, for the hairpin legs adjust the stool’s character. Endlessly customizable, create the perfect decorative touch for your kitchen, dining room, or living space!

  • Dimensions: W 11 ¾" x H 20" 
  • Legs: Three 2-Rod Steel Hairpin Legs
  • Wood: 100% Natural Solid Wood - Matte or Gloss Finish. Hand-Carved, Ergonomically Designed Seat
  • Shipping: Freight Only
  • Manufactured in the U.S.A. This furniture is made-to-order to suit your custom specifications
  • Estimated 2-4 week manufacturing time
  • Each piece of wood will have slight, natural variations

Shown matte (left) and glossy (right)

SPS-0091 The Audrey Stool (SPS-0091-THE-AUDREY-STOOL.pdf, 2,297 Kb) [Download]

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