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Brooks Adjustable Stool

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With its subtle, yet obvious, industrial character, our Brooks Adjustable Stool puts the finishing touches on any contemporary décor! The Brooks’ appearance is defined by its functionality. Visible in the stool’s design, a swivel mechanism raises and lowers the seat, placing performance at the center of its aesthetic and establishing its industrial appeal. Sitting atop the metal structure, a wood seat, shaped by hand, supplies warmth to the Brooks’ look.

From rich Hickory and Walnut to a lighter Pine, the thick wood seat separates the Brooks from all other stools. The Brooks’ hefty seat is constructed from solid wood. Stain options as diverse as Distressed Oak, Natural Hickory, and Golden Pine elevate the wood’s organic character. Pair the wood with a complementary powder coat finish for its metal frame and create a unique style for your space!

  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Features a fully adjustable piano seat design made from a single piece of 2” thick lumber
  • Every piece of wood is unique with slight, natural variations such as knots and grain differences due to natural growth patterns. Therefore, no two pieces will be exactly alike!
  • Read more about our Brooks Adjustable Stool on our blog
  • Intended for Indoor Use Only

27.7 lbs
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