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Canarm Barn Adjustable Speed Control (Up to 4 Fans - 5 Amp)
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  • Adjustable Speed Control: Up to 4 Fans
  • Switch: On/Off Rotary Switch
  • Speed: Broad Range of Speed Control
  • Speed: Minimum Speed Adjustment
  • Mounting: Designed for 2" x 4" Wall Box Mount
  • Included: Faceplate, Knob & Hardware
  • UL Recognized
The MC5 controller didn't work. And although the controller does fit over a 3"x5" electrical box, the wiring required a deeper than normal box. I'm ordering a different brand of controller. The man I spoke with at Canarm said they import these controllers from China and really have nothing to do with the quality but they are known to burn out very easily during installation. I won't buy another. HOWEVER, the gal I interacted with in customer service was wonderful and I would happily recommend anyone to do business with Barn Lighting.
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